Candy Cookies

We've had a couple of amazing snow days here in Portland - the kind of days where leaving the house (other than to play in the snow) is really out of the question. In other words: we were forced to stay inside, I was fully stocked up on butter, flour, sugar, and candy, and there was nothing to do but create sweet stuff in the kitchen. 

While the true evidence is clear in my upcoming book (!!!), I REALLY do LOVE candy projects and candy crafts and anything that allows me to use candy in multiple, various ways. So when I thought of a project combining candy + cookies it basically penciled out to be a huge YES. 

You know thumbprint cookies? The kind with a little plop of jam inside? That's what these are - except the little plop of jam is actually a little piece of candy. And what candy is that? Why, a Dreams Come Chew*, of course. 

Now, let's stop all the chit-chat so you can get to making these adorable Candy Cookies. A cookie. With candy! (See! Candy keeps being magic! It just will not stop it's magical ways.)


Candy Cookies

These thumbprint cookies are super easy to make - all it takes is some cookie dough, a few pieces of candy, and about 16 minutes in a 350° oven. It's real C o o k i e M a g i c. 

Makes 24

You need:

  • 6 pieces Dreams Come Chew, any flavor, each cut into 4 equal pieces
  • 24 tablespoons sugar cookie (or your favorite thumbprint cookie) dough
  • 2 sheet trays lined with parchment paper

1. Prepare the dough. 
Roll each tablespoon of dough into a tight ball. Place the ball on the prepared sheet tray and, using your palm, press it down into a neat round. Now use the tip of your thumb to press a small indention into the center of the cookie, taking care to not press it all the way through the dough. Repeat this process for the remaining 23 tablespoons of dough, filling the sheet trays with 12 cookies each as you go.

2. Place the candy.
You remember that you've cut each of the Dreams Come Chew into 4 equal pieces, right? Good. Now, take those pieces of candy and place them in the indention you made in the dough. Got them all in there? Good.

3. Chill the dough.
Now that the candy is in the dough, you need to chill the dough until it is very, very firm. (Very cold dough holds its shape better when baking. Trust me on this.) While the dough is chilling, preheat the oven to a nice 350°.

4. Bake the Candy Cookies.
Slide both trays of cookies into the oven and bake for around 16 minutes, rotating the trays halfway through, until the cookies are slightly firm to the touch and are turning golden around the bottom edges. Remove the trays from the oven and allow the cookies to cool completely before eating.

Store airtight for 3 days.

*Yes! You can make these with caramels instead of Dreams Come Chew. Do everything exactly the same - simply substitute Dreams for caramels. Oh, and, (of course!) you can buy them both here and here.


Candy for Your Tabletop

We really love the kind folks at Oregon Home, and were so happy to find our Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy in the pages of their Winter 2016 issue. The best part? The candy is all bundled up in little burlap bags - cute as a button nestled next to dinner plates on a table. I know one thing for sure, I WANT TO BE A GUEST AT A DINNER PARTY WHERE SPARKLING CANDY IS SITTING BY MY PLATE. 

You know what you should do? Plan a dinner party! Oregon Home can help with a gorgeous tablescape. Get the issue!





Last Minute? But it's only the 8th!

I sure hope you're not freaking out. Christmas is supposed to be fun and joyful and relaxed and happy. Right? RIGHT? RIGHT! 

Here at QUIN we're humming along, making Christmas candy while also making our plans for Easter (for real. I'm sorry, but it's true). And while we're working away, the rest of the world is sending out constant reminders about deadlines and order-by dates and it's all very "LAST MINUTE" oriented. And I'm sorry. Because that's no way to enjoy this season of love and hot chocolate and stocking stuffers and glitter. 

That said, Refinery 29 thinks our Candy is Magic box will make an excellent last minute gift, and while I personally think it makes a great super early, right on time, and a little bit late gift - I can hardly argue. Basically anytime is a great time for magic, and if that magic is related to candy, then EVEN BETTER.

And now, for a reminder: LAST DAY OR ORDER QUIN FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS DECEMBER 17. After that day we can talk express shipping, for sure. (So don't truly panic...yet.)

gifts! food! gifts and food! gifts of food!

Wow, 'tis the season for giving and sharing and hugging and for (possibly) avoiding your uncle who makes you completely insane with all the questions about everything.

We've had the great fortune of being covered in many amazing gift guides this holiday season - and the latest is from Thrillist - where they think our Candy is Magic box is one of the 38 best gifts for people who love to eat. And we can't argue. We love to eat, and we love every single candy that gets packed into the CiM box AND we know the box makes the perfect gift. Thank you, Thrillist, for taking notice!

Thanks, Thrillist!



Pre-Order CANDY IS MAGIC (what! it's true! cannot believe I'm even saying it!)

Someone somewhere in publishing land flipped a magic switch and now, magically, the QUIN-inspired cookbook, Candy is Magic, is available for pre-order. Amazing and fantastic, that's for sure.

Portland Monthly did a great (really!) write-up about the book and the book writing process (complete with never before seen photos!)


I continue to be so thankful for all of it. Thank you. And thank you. And you.

QUIN in the Wild

We (sometimes) like to leave the candy factory and get out and meet people - you know, shake hands, talk candy, share candy, SELL candy, take funny photos, make new friends - that kind of thing. And with the holiday season here (don't hate me for saying that!) we've got a lot of opportunities for meeting and greeting and spreading good cheer.

Here's a list of upcoming QUIN appearances/events/places/fun times - maybe we'll see you out there!


West Elm Pop-up

Saturday, Nov. 19


We'll have plenty of candy to sample and even more to sell -  including our incredible Candy Countdown Calendars and Candy is Magic boxes - ideal for the holiday season!


Little Boxes

Nov. 25 & 26

This is the greatest shopping event of the year, and our Union Way shoppe is happy to participate once again. 


Puj First Friday Pop-up/Vancouver, WA

Friday, Dec. 2


Stocking stuffers and all kinds of sweet treats for every candy lover on your list!


Anthropologie Holiday Pop-up

Saturday, Dec. 17

Exact hours TBD

So close to Christmas! You'll definitely want to stop by and scoop up the best candy for all the people you love the most!

Send Me a Catalog! I Love Candy!

It's always a very incredible (and humbling and amazing and unreal) experience to see your work in print. You can imagine our excitement when the CB2 catalog showed up and THERE WE WERE! 

Yes! You can now order a selection of QUIN candy while also picking out amazing holiday ornaments, a beautiful new candy dish, fancy lighting, great table settings, cool kitchen stuff - PLUS CANDY (like we already said!) 

See! Look, an actual shot of the catalog:



It's our very own CANDY COUNTDOWN CALENDAR! We couldn't be more proud of this project on every level - from whimsy to design (all those adorable illustrations!) to how jam-packed with candy it is (can you say BONUS DAYS?) We love this calendar, can think of no better way to countdown the days until Christmas - and that other people notice is just the most amazing thing. Thanks, Real Simple! You make us so happy. 


And WOW oh WOW! Look at this! Real Simple also loves our Cherry Cola Gumdrops (who doesn't, really?) made with real Oregon cherries and just the right amount of all the love in our hearts! 100% perfect for all the candy lovers on your list!

Our Founder in Glasses PLUS a Recipe

QUIN // David Kind

Oooh! Sometimes I wear glasses and I swear by my kinda clear/kinda gold frames from David Kind. The folks over at DK are so kind (I swear I did not say that on purpose), and did a little blog post on yours truly - with photos shot at my house while I made cookies! 

Read all about it, and see Chris Dibble's great photos HERE.


QUIN // Johnny Was Here

Pretty great, right? Well - if you think THAT'S great, get a load of this: Jami whipped up a great recipe for Maple and Orange Caramels for the kind people of Johnny Was - hop on over to their blog to read all about it (and make some candy!)

QUIN again - this time in 1859

We're so thankful for great coverage, and even more so when all of our REAL ingredients get recognized. 1859 - Oregon's Magazine - talks about our candy in the October issue and we couldn't be happier.

And, it's true! We make candy with all kinds of real food from berries to fresh cream, hazelnuts to local honey. We just wouldn't dream of making candy any other way. (You can read all about our commitment to great ingredients here.) ps: we actually don't use the brand of salt mentioned in the piece, but we do use fancy high-quality salt from this place here

Find us with WW's FINDER

Weee hooo! You're downtown and you want candy so badly but you don't want Whoppers or Twizzlers or Starbursts or Nerds. Good thing you have your handy copy of Willamette Week's FINDER! Flip to page 20 and find your way to magical candy from QUIN - where #CandyisMagic and we always have samples. At least mostly always. Okay. Once or twice we've run out. But usually we have samples.

Anyways, overjoyed to be recognized by the locals and to be part of Portland being Portland. Yep.

Oregon Home Magazine & Caramels

Oooh, out now is the pretty new issue of Oregon Home magazine - featuring my little house on the cover! Shot by the super great (truly) Chris Dibble, the photos show where my little boy and I sleep and cook and live and MAKE CANDY. 

The article is Oregon Home's first take on food - never before have they featured a recipe in their pages, and I feel so honored that they picked QUIN caramel as their first. Not only that, but the layout of the recipe is expertly done, and they incorporated some super fun illustrations by (my favorite) Michelle Ott

Here's a little sneak peek: 


Oh my lord, I have had so much sugar. We're still working to get our candy for Feast's Night Market just right - and about an hour ago I was eating candy that was dipped in even more sugar and I thought to myself, "someone should stop me." But no one ever does.

And just before that, KATU was in the factory checking things out and taping a story about the candy we created in celebration of Feast's fifth birthday - Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy. The KATU people know way more about the world than I do and introduced me to Facebook Live - something I didn't even know existed as I haven't used Facebook since the Great Facebook Study of 2000-whenever when I realized how much time I was spending Facebooking so quit cold turkey then magically gained a million hours of my life back (THAT'S RIGHT!) 

Anyway, KATU Facebook Live'd the whole visit - so, check it out. Please do not pay any attention to my hair. It is so long and unruly and sometimes I use a rubber band to hold it back and I forget to look at what it actually looks like. In this case, it looks terrible. Oh, also, hope you like Ohio accents. ps: isn't Wesleigh Ogle from KATU the best? She is.



Ooooh, I'm so excited! We just finished a total makeover (it included a really fun demo day, don't you worry) of our Candy of the Month Club and now, it is my pleasure, to introduce you to QUIN's fancy new CANDY CLUB!

All the cool club info you could ever want is available here. And, if you follow us on the Instagram, you probably know by now that if you're one of the first three followers to sign up for the 12-month membership, we're going to send you a super cute Pacific Tote Co. tote - all fresh and adorable and adorned with QUIN flair. All you have to do to win is be one of the first three people to purchase (or give) a 12-month membership. Nothing else! No posts to tag or complicated anything. 

I know you're probably really curious as to what most excites me about the club, right? Okay, well, I am really looking forward to sending out special book-related stuff in February. I think December is looking pretty wonderful (if you like to decorate holiday cookies), and October is like a dream come true - especially if your dreams involve apples. Wait, October comes before December, so please switch those last two sentences around. Thank you.