Smoked Cola Gumdrops


Smoked Cola Gumdrops

from 6.50

Smoked Cola Gumdrops are the perfect combination of cola and smoke - an update on a classic with a smoky twist.

Behold the mighty QUIN gumdrop! Our buoyant sweet gummies are made with top-notch ingredients including real fruit purees and sea salt. When's the last time you had a handmade gumdrop? We thought so.

Flavor Profile:

  • gummy coke bottle memories updated with smokey sugar
  • a spark of Oregon sea salt
  • smokey sweet sugary shell

Who Will Love This Gumdrop

  • fans of cola
  • people who want to say they're eating smoked cola gumdrops
  • gummy lovers

Special Note: We smoke our own sugar over Oregon alder wood.

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