Launched in 2020 as a simple blog for fitness enthusiasts, Quincandy.com is quickly establishing itself as a trusted resource for weight loss tips and fat burner reviews online. Evidence-based and highly informed, the QuinCandy catalog delivers sustainable solutions for fat loss, performance, and athletic success.

As ironic as that sounds, Quin Candy was born out of a passion for helping people get fit.

I’ve kept the word “candy” in the slogan to remind me of the journey I went through to get to where I am today.

My Story

As a kid, I suffered from brain fog, inflammation, digestive issues, fatigue, and the biggest issue out of all, sugar addiction.

Candy was my favorite, and I had a really difficult time controlling my cravings. Being obese made just about every area of my life that much harder.

Eventually though, a series of events in my life led me to have my rude awakening – I was either going to do something about my issue or suffer the consequences.

Frustrated by the lack of helpful tools and information, I decided to embark on a journey of self-learning and self-experimentation to lose weight and get healthier, both physically and mentally – something that I now call “biohacking”.

With thousands of hours of nutrition studies and PubMed papers under my belt, I slowly but surely transformed my life and now help others do the same.

So, What Does Quin Candy Do?

Quin Candy is a site where you’ll see me and a team of experts and incredible people share our thoughts on weight loss and fat burner supplements, which are becoming ever more popular.

We realize there’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to supplements, and we want to be a resource you can trust and refer back to when in doubt.

We search the market to find the most popular products and do diligent research to find out if they’re worth the price.

At the moment, we’ll be focusing only on the supplements market. There are many issues that we feel need addressing.

Keep This in Mind…

Quin Candy is still in its earliest stages! It will take some time for us to build this into a resource everyone can enjoy. We thank you for your patience and can’t wait to start informing as many of you as we can with our articles and reviews.