Alpilean vs PhenQ: Which is Better?

Alpilean vs PhenQ

Alpilean vs PhenQ: which one is the better fat burner to give you a boost in your energy, metabolism, and overall weight loss efforts?

[Alpilean vs PhenQ TL;DR SUMMARY]

While neither Alpilean nor PhenQ is among the best diet pills we’ve seen, PhenQ is the winner of the two. It contains better ingredients than Alpilean for weight loss, but it does cost more ($69.99 vs $59.99). PhenQ, much like Alpilean, contains a proprietary blend and some of its ingredients are underdosed. It also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid which we don’t recommend due to its long-term side effects. Ultimately, we don’t recommend either product as their downsides outweigh any benefits, especially considering their high price tags.

What do we recommend?

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Alpilean vs PhenQ – The Ingredients

Alpilean’s Ingredients

Alpilean contains quite a few “exotic ingredients,” along with some basic weight loss nutrients like vitamin B12 and chromium. Here’s a look at the picture from their website:

Unfortunately, all of the ingredients in Alpilean, except for vitamin B12 and chromium, are in a proprietary blend of 250mg. So even if the ingredients in Alpilean are well-studied and effective themselves, they could be underdosed and completely ineffective without us knowing.

If we had to make a guess, we’ll say that most of the ingredients in Alpilean are ineffective for weight loss because the weight of the entire blend is a mere 250mg. This is often the dose for just one ingredient alone, for example, green tea extract.

Overall, Alpilean looks like an ineffective weight loss formula. Even if the ingredients were well-dosed, many of them aren’t shown in studies to affect weight loss to a significant effect. Ginger, chromium, and turmeric are the only three ingredients in Alpilean that could have an indirect effect on weight loss, but even that is a stretch as they aren’t shown to cause significant changes in body weight or appetite in most human studies.

PhenQ’s Ingredients

We’ll say this right off the bat; PhenQ has a superior formula to Alpilean in terms of ingredients. We not only have chromium, which regulates blood sugar and helps reduce sugar cravings, but we also have a bit of caffeine, cayenne pepper extract, and L-carnitine. Together, these ingredients should raise your energy levels slightly, and may also contribute to a few extra calories being burnt.

PhenQ Ingredients Label

The only major letdown with PhenQ is that some of its key ingredients are underdosed. For example, Capsimax is an extract of cayenne pepper, a natural thermogenic that boosts heat in your body, leading to increased calorie burning. The best fat burners use at least 100mg of this compound, whereas the entire proprietary blend of PhenQ with multiple ingredients weighs only 50mg.

There is also a green tea extract missing, along with a few other core ingredients, so there is definitely room for improvement.

Alpha lipoic acid is something we don’t recommend for most people as it is a natural heavy metal chelator. If you have silver (amalgam) tooth fillings, it can pull mercury from your teeth and redistribute it throughout your body. Many people get some benefits from taking ALA initially, but long-term, it only makes them worse.

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Alpilean vs PhenQ – Side Effects

Between the two, Alpilean is less likely to give you any side effects as it doesn’t contain anything that is known to lead to major side effects in doses that are typically used in these supplements.

PhenQ, on the other hand, contains caffeine and ALA. The former of which is known to cause jitteriness and anxiety in sensitive individuals, whereas the latter is unsafe when taken improperly due to its redistributive-effects on heavy metals in the human body.

Cost & Where to Buy?

PhenQ and Alpilean are both available on their official websites.

PhenQ costs $69.99 per bottle, which lasts you a month. Alpilean is a bit less expensive at $59.99 per bottle (a month’s supply).

Both of these are in the price range of the market-leading fat burners, but they don’t come close to them in terms of effectiveness.

Our Verdict

Between the two, if we had to pick, we would go with PhenQ. It has better ingredients than Alpilean for weight loss, but both products use proprietary blends. Not to mention the underdosed ingredients. Did we say it’s missing the best fat burners, too? Green tea extract, cayenne pepper extract, and vitamin D – we’re looking at you!

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