Beyond Raw HMB Review – Can it Protect Lean Muscle?

Beyond Raw HMB Review

Welcome to our Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB Review. Here, our team will look at what benefits this powdered supplement can offer for your fitness and health goals; particularly, if it can improve fat loss while sparing muscle tissue from being catabolized.

[Beyond Raw HMB At a Glance]

  • 30 servings per tub
  • 3g of calcium HMB per serving
  • Current evidence shows HMB’s main benefit is that it may help protect lean muscle tissue on a calorie deficit
  • HMB may also support your muscle building slightly
  • Ineffective for burning body fat
  • Missing several key ingredients that, together with HMB, would make this product more effective at preserving muscle tissue
  • $30 per tub

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How to Use Beyond Raw HMB

Beyond Raw HMB directions are to mix 1 scoop of the product with 8oz (~250ml) of water or other beverage.

Taking HMB once per day is enough to reap its benefits. Don’t over do it as it can lead to side effects!

Beyond Raw HMB: The Ingredients

As we already know, the main active ingredient in Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB is calcium HMB. Along with that, you’ll see a tiny amount of vitamin D. There are no fillers!

This is a clean product, what you see is what you get. Pure calcium HMB powder with vitamin D to help with calcium absorption and utilization.

If you’re not experienced with HMB, you might wonder what is it and how does it work. Is it even natural?

Yes! HMB is perfectly natural, it’s a metabolite of a protein amino acid l-leucine which is found in many foods. (if you want to geek out and learn more on the science of HMB, see this article:

L-Leucine is known as a muscle-building amino acid. When broken down into HMB, it becomes less effective at building your muscle but it becomes more effective at reducing the rate of muscle protein breakdown – making you retain more of your lean tissue.

This is why studies have begun to look into HMB’s muscle-sparing effects. And so far, the evidence looks pretty good.

If you’re cutting weight and want to ensure you’re losing fat and not your muscle along with it, HMB is one of the ingredients you’ll want to have in your arsenal.

Not the one, but one of the ingredients!

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

HMB alone can’t do all the heavy lifting. You want to look for ingredient profiles with multiple proven muscle-protectants so you get the most out of your supplement.

Green tea extract, theacrine, and other key compounds are missing from Beyond Raw’s HMB formula. These would make it superior at blocking catabolism while also promoting a higher rate of fat loss within the body.

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Customer Reviews

Beyond Raw HMB has around 60 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing this.

It also has 15 reviews on the GNC website which is the official seller of Beyond Raw’s products.

Amazon reviews look good for the most part.

Chris Friedel said; “This product is a quality product for a fair price have used it before just know what to expect before you buy.

However, a few users complained about the poor taste and mixability of the product (it should be noted that Beyond Raw HMB is unflavored, hence why there’s no ‘other ingredients’ on the label).

Larry Smiley reported; “At first I could not find the scoop. It was buried in the powder. I put one scoop in my cocoa and it did not dissolve. The powder clumped in the bottom of the cup. Today I will try to sprinkle it on applesauce. It tastes terrible, but I need this for wound healing.”

Does Beyond Raw HMB Have Side Effects?

Beyond Raw HMB is unlikely to cause side effects in healthy people.

However, since it’s a type of calcium, you’ll want to talk with your physician if you suffer from calcium oxalate stones.

Beyond Raw HMB Review Summary

This concludes our Beyond Raw HMB review.

The only active ingredient in this supplement is calcium HMB. This ingredient – a metabolite of amino acid l-leucine – has been studied for its potential to reduce the rate of muscle protein breakdown. In other words, it makes your body a little more efficient at retaining its muscle.

That said, will you notice visible changes from using HMB? Probably not.

As we repeated, HMB alone can’t make that big of a difference. But when you combine it with the right ingredients, the benefits on muscle preservation (and fat loss!) become greater.

Therefore, if you’re looking to maximize muscle protection and fat burning, we recommend checking the top 5 supplements for that purpose on sale right now.

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