Our Opinion on Biotech USA Super Fat Burner

BioTech USA Super Fat Burner Review

Biotech USA Super Fat Burner Review Summarized


  • Natural ingredients
  • Well-known company when it comes to supplements
  • All-in-all good ingredients


  • One serving is 4 capsules which are more than most supplements
  • Some ingredients aren’t researched that well yet
  • Lower doses of some ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract aren’t that great as benefits won’t be as prominent

Summary: When it comes to Biotech USA Super Fat Burner it doesn’t seem like a bad product. Although there are way better supplements on the market this one should provide you with some benefits you are looking for such as weight loss or body fat reduction.

Ingredients in Biotech USA Super Fat Burner

As you’ll see on the label, Biotech USA Super Fat Burner shows us all the ingredients and their respective dosages. There are no shady proprietary blends in this supplement.

This is good. But, how good are the ingredients at doing what they’re claimed to do?

Stay with us as we take a closer look at Biotech USA Super Fat Burner’s formula.

Ingredient Breakdown


This chemical is made naturally in our bodies. It’s mostly stored in our muscles, with trace amounts being stored in our liver and blood. L-Carnitines’ role is to help our bodies turn fat into energy by burning the fatty acids in our cells. Studies although mixed in results mostly show L-Carnitine being effective in weight reduction for people that are overweight while there isn’t any difference in fat levels with healthy individuals.
Another benefit that L-Carnitine brings is improving exercise performance. In this study 26 professional footballers were tested in order to see if L-Carnitine brought any performance increase. The results show that 3 or 4 g of L-carnitine taken before physical exercise prolonged exhaustion.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Just like the beverage, the extract is a great source of antioxidants. Apart from antioxidants which are always good, green tea contains Catechins and Caffeine. These two ingredients paired together seem to have mild weight loss properties such as enhancement of Thermogenesis(a process where your body burns calories and produces heat).


There was a study done where the lead researcher Jean-Michel Gaullier observed the effects of CLA on 180 overweight men and women, all between 25 and 30 BMI. They were divided into 3 groups with only 2 groups being given CLA, one was a placebo group. Both groups receiving CLA saw a weight loss of about 4 pounds and a 7%-9% body fat loss.
The interesting part of this study is that the participants didn’t have to change their lifestyles. Participants noticed a slight reduction in appetite and claimed that keeping a food diary helped them cut food intake.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract

This ingredient is popular in weight loss supplements. The active ingredient in the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, appears to block an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat. It also raises levels of the brain’s chemical serotonin, which may make you feel less hungry.
This all seems promising, but there aren’t too many studies backing up these claims. This study for example found that Garcinia Cambogia reduced abdominal fat accumulation in subjects, regardless of sex, who had the visceral fat accumulation type of obesity.


Inulin has a couple of benefits, but most notably for this supplement, it can promote weight loss by decreasing feelings of hunger. This can help you reduce your food intake and therefore help with losing weight.


Unlike CLA or some other ingredients that might help you lose weight without having to exercise, Chromium requires a healthy diet and exercise in order to give any benefits. Chromium has been reported to increase lean body mass and decrease the percentage of body fat, which may lead to weight loss in humans.


L-Tyrosine is believed to aid in weight loss as it affects the metabolism. Low levels of thyroid hormones can slow down your metabolism and change the way the body processes fat, leading to weight gain.


Methionine stimulates your body to produce the hormone Somatotropin which is an important fat-burning hormone.


L-lysine helps in the creation of Carnitine which as we already mentioned earlier converts fatty acids into energy aiding in weight loss. As it increases energy levels, L-Lysine boosts endurance, thus supporting exercise performance and overall physical performance.


Lecithin is a type of fat found naturally in many foods and is essential to human health. Some manufacturers add it to food products to improve taste or texture. Although it has some health benefits none of them are important for weight loss.

Vitamin B6

One of the eight B Vitamins that your body needs in order to stay healthy. Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in hundreds of chemical reactions in your body. Most notably it’s important for maintaining a healthy nervous and immune system.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

The manufacturer recommends you to take 2 tablets in the morning and if you’re exercising 2 tablets 30min before a workout. If you are not working out that day take 2 tablets in the evening. It’s also important not to take more than 4 tablets daily.

What do Customers Say About Biotech USA Super Fat Burner?

On the official website of Biotech USA out of 2937 reviews, they have a 5-star rating with only 161 people rating it lower than 4 stars. Looking at other sources and reading what customers say they seem happy with the product and the results they are seeing.

Side Effects

This supplement shouldn’t bring any nasty side effects as all its ingredients are safe in normal doses. We haven’t found many users that had side effects with the exception of a few that claimed nausea, diarrhea, and similar common side effects when it comes to supplements.

Pricing and Availability

A bottle of 120 capsules(30 servings) will cost you $24. The product is widely available from their official website, Amazon, many supplement-oriented sites, and so on.

Wrapping Up

All-in-all Biotech USA Super Fat Burner doesn’t seem like a bad product that is only made to capitalize on people desperate to lose weight. It also doesn’t make false promises and Biotech USA says that you need to exercise and change your diet if you want these tablets to help you. It’s not a miracle cure, and companies that claim their supplements to miraculously lose weight for you are full of bs.
If we were in the market for a weight loss supplement we would go for something else, but also think that you wouldn’t regret buying this product either.

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