Elaimei Slim Cream Review – Can This ACTUALLY Make you Slimmer?

Elaimei Slim Cream Review and Critique - Does it work for weight loss?

Hi and welcome to our Elaimei Slim Cream review. In this review, we’ll tell you if this product can actually help you burn more fat and get a leaner body, or is it just a regular skin cream and nothing more? This way, you’ll know if you’re getting your money’s worth when buying this product.

We typically only review supplement fat burners, as in, pills. That’s because they’ve generally been shown to be most effective when it comes to fat loss. We’ve also reviewed slimming creams and other products in the past, such as TNT Pro Ignite Sweat Cream, and were not impressed.

But is Elaimei Slim Cream better? Will it actually help you get leaner in a safe and natural way? The marketing material on their website looks kind of dishonest, in our honest opinion – claiming their cream is a good alternative to things like exercise and caloric restriction.

Here’s some news: no fat burner or slimming cream will do that! If you aren’t eating healthy and exercising regularly, then you might as well save your money because not even the best fat burners for women, and the best fat burners overall will do you any good on their own!

Assuming the fundamentals are covered, here’s what you should know about Elaimei Slim Cream…

What Exactly is Elaimei Slim Cream?

Also called Elaimei Hot Cream and Aliver Slim Cream, Elamei Slim Cream is marketed as a lipo body serum cream that will help you perfectly shape your waist, glutes, and abs.

  • According to the manufacturers, Elamei works by heating up the area where it’s applied, helping you to eliminate toxins and burn more subcutaneous fat in those stubborn areas.

Oddly, Elaimei Slim Cream is also marketed to ‘inhibit the absorption of excess nutrients.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to get all the essential nutrients my body needs – and that is hard work. It’s very hard to overdo it with nutrients if you get them from a normal helathy diet. Actually, it’s almost impossible!

So, if Elaimei Slim Cream really blocks nutrient absorption in some way, that would be a bad thing for fat loss, and health in general!

This, along with its fat loss claims, is what we’ll need to analyze further below!

How Does Elaimei Slim Cream Work?

This skin cream is said by its makers to use natural anti-cellulite ingredients that will help you:

  • Shape the perfect body – by hydrating, moisturizing, and easily absorbing into your skin.
  • Burn fat – helps you have a slender figure by activating ‘thermogenesis,’ a process where the applied skin area heats up forcing your metabolism to burn more calories to cool itself down.
  • Reduce inflammation and soreness – gently massaging Elaimei Slim Cream is said to assist your workout recovery.

The promises sound good! Let’s now look at the ingredients to see if they can live up to the claims;

The Ingredients

There are 15 ingredients in Elaimei Slim Cream in total. But only 3 are active ingredients. They are:

  • Methylparaben
  • Bisabolol
  • Bis(hydroxymethyl)

These three ingredients are the ones behind the reported Elaimei’s benefits.

Before we inspect them closer, I have to say that I don’t like that there’s so many fillers in this product. Many of the ingredients are either there to add to the smell of the product, or are completely pointless.

We also don’t know the exact amount of any ingredient in Elaimei Slim Cream, which means this is one big proprietary blend. Why is this a problem? Because, it prevents us from seeing if the doses are effective and safe.

With that said, here’s a closer look at the 3 active ingredients in Elaimei Slim Cream:

1. Methylparaben

This is a type of paraben that’s commonly used to prolong the shelf-life of foods and cosmetics. It works by suppressing the growth of mold and bacteria.

However, Methylparaben has been linked with a variety of issues – including an increased risk of breast cancer. And it doesn’t even do anything for weight loss!

See more here: https://www.healthline.com/health/methylparaben

2. Bisabolol

Bisabolol is natural scent found in plants like chamomile. When applied on the skin, it can improve conditioning and youthfulness, which is certainly a good thing for the overall look of your skin.

Unfortunately, this ingredient hasn’t been proven to affect weight loss in any notable way – not least because it’s applied topically.


This is a type of compound that may work as an antioxidant when you apply it on your skin.

Simply put, it may help protect the skin, softening and moisturizing the tissue by forming a protective layer.

Again – great for skin, not for weight loss!

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How Does Elaimei Slim Cream Feel?

The texture of Elaimei Slim Cream is creamy to the touch with a soft, silky texture. The color is white.

It emits a strong menthol smell that some people (who love menthol) will love, others not so much. It dries within 1-2 minutes though so the smell gets more bearable.

How to Apply

Applying it to the skin is done in a similar way as your typical body lotion, but Elaimei adds some more instructions.

The manufacturer suggests using the cream right after a shower when your pores are open.

We apllied a liberal amount to the recommended areas for fat loss, including our hips, legs, abdomen, and thighs. Gently massaging the cream into the skin until it’s absorbed.

The instructions are to apply Elaimei twice daily and you should feel the ‘burn’ after 15 minutes.

Funnily, the manufacturer suggests covering the applies areas with plastic body wrap to enhance the ‘heat’ of the gel if it isn’t strong enough on its own for you. I, personally, can’t be bothered!

Furthermore, ELAIMEI says the cream is best used in between your workouts or during the gym. Ideally, you’ll want to use this twice a day for 2-3 months for best results per Elaimei’s words.

Tube Size

Another thing we wanted to touch upon is the size of the Elaimei crema tube. Or lack of thereof.

This tiny tube is the size of a hand lotion that you typically carry in your purse when traveling. Using it 2x daily for 3 months you’ll run through 4-5 of these – minimum!

Skin Reactions

We didn’t have many issues after applying Elaimei to our cream, although one of our team members (Mia) got a small rash from it. Her skin did heat up and burn like the manufacturer said, however, it wasn’t a pleasant sensation, nor did it look good.

If you look up other Elaimei Slim Cream reviews online you’ll see similar reports of the cream irritating the skin of some users.

We recommend thoroughly washing your hards after using Elaimei and especially avoiding any contact with the mouth, eyes, or other sensitive parts of your body.

Our Results

As we said, Mia had some adverse reactions. SHe kept trying the cream as instructed, 2-3 times per day, but the smell and the burning sensation was too much and she gave up after 3 weeks. The remaining 3 of us kept trialing it for the next 5 weeks with little to no results.

Personally, I liked the smell on my skin, especially after it dries down a bit. I also feel like my skin has become a little more youthful and elastic since I started using this product (I’ve noticed some new wrinkles before using this cream that the cream seems to have gotten rid of).

But as far as fat loss goes, it didn’t help at all.

We followed our standard fitness routine which consisted of 3 times strength training per week, alongside HIIT cardio once per week. Our diet consisted mainly of lean meats and veggies with a lot of quality carbs and a few slip ups here and there. Basically, we followed the same routine as we had before using this cream. The cream gave us no additional benefits.

This is not to say that the cream surely won’t work for you, either. It might! We just didn’t get the results we hoped for, despite following the instructions to the T.

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Is Elaimei Slim Cream Safe?

For most people, Elaimei Slim Cream should cause no major side effects. Some people do get minor irritation.

Test the cream first by applying a small amount of your skin. If after 24 hours you get a rash, itchiness, or uncomfortabley burning sensation, then speak with your dermatologist before using it again.

Pros and Cons


  • Intense minty smell – this can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences
  • Good for promoting skin hydration and elasticity
  • Helped one of our team members reduce lines around the neck (remember though, this is mainly a body cream intended for ‘spot weight loss reduction’)
  • Elaimei Slim cream is available on Amazon as well as physical stores like Walmart


  • Does not work for weight loss
  • A tub costs $7-15 on Amazon, but you’ll need to buy several of those if you want to follow the recommended instructions
  • Other Elaimei Slim Cream reviews don’t look to promising

Our Verdict on Elaimei Slim Cream Review

Elaimei Slim Cream Review conclusion: this is a great product for enhancing the elasticity and quality of your skin tone – if you can tolerate it.

For some people, it’s thermogenic effects, such as ‘the burn’ and the itchiness prove to be too much, leading to side effects like redness, irritation, and even skin blisters in some cases.

  • Although these side effects aren’t common, we don’t feel like recommending Elaimei Slim ream to anyone who’s serious about weight loss.

It has no ingredients that are proven by scientific literature to aid fat burning in any sort of weight. The ‘burn’ you might feel on the skin might only cause redness and make you sweat more, but it will not make you burn fat to the point it’s visible in the mirror over time!

Spot reduction is a myth. Your body loses weight how it’s naturally and genetically made to. Spot creams are a waste of money if weight loss is concerned.

If you want real results, make sure you’re eating a diet that your body responds well to, along with a regular training regimen and a fat burner supplement that actually uses proven ingredients that will make a real impact on your results.

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