GOLO vs GOLI: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

GOLO vs GOLI: here we have two popular weight loss products. Which one is going to be more effective at curbing your appetite, boosting fat burn, and supporting your energy levels and focus? We have a thorough analysis of both supplements in the following sections. We’ll give you our verdict on which we think is better value for money and how they compare to other fat burners on the market.


GOLO and GOLI are both dietary supplements intended to support your lifestyle. They mainly help with fat loss, energy levels, and appetite suppression. While GOLO comes in the form of pills, GOLI comes as flavored apple cider vinegar gummies.

The main difference between the two is that GOLO contains more ingredients for weight loss, including chromium, zinc, and Berberine. By contrast, GOLI only contains Apple Cider Vinegar and two B vitamins. This makes it far less effective at promoting weight loss and appetite reduction.

If you just want a supplement to support your general health and potentially slightly help your energy levels and blood sugar, then GOLI gummies are a decent option that’s not too expensive. When it comes to weight loss, though, GOLO is superior. Even though GOLO itself is far from the best weight loss pill we’ve seen, it’s the winner in this particular case.

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GOLO vs GOLI – The Ingredients


GOLO contains a few of the basic ingredients you’d expect in a diet pill. These include chromium – which helps support healthy blood sugar levels – along with zinc, which supports your hormones.

There are also a few other noteworthy inclusions in GOLO which include Rhodiola Rosea (helps fight fatigue) and Berberine (contributes to weight loss in diabetics and people with high blood sugar). The only problem is that most of these ingredients are in a proprietary blend, which hides their doses.

Because we can’t see the doses of key ingredients in GOLO, it’s hard to say if they are at all effective.

For example, Berberine alone works best in doses between 900-2000mg per day (split into a few daily doses). This is far more than what the entire GOLO’s ingredient blend contains.

As a whole, GOLO looks like it may reduce your fatigue and help support stable blood sugar levels. But it’s missing far too many important ingredients like green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and vitamin D (to name a few). Coupled with the lack of transparency on the label, this puts GOLO far below our top-ranked weight loss supplements.


GOLI is a fairly basic gummy supplement. Its formula revolves around apple cider vinegar (ACV), along with vitamin B9 and vitamin B12.

Together, these ingredients help support your digestion, energy levels, and overall health function. If you’re someone who’s experienced benefits from using apple cider vinegar, but you don’t want to take it in liquid form due to its acidity and potential for causing tooth erosion and other side effects. Then taking it in the form of gummies is a great alternative.

As such, GOLI is a decent ACV supplement. But not much more than that.

If you’re looking for a fat burner with real results, there are far better options on the market currently.

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GOLO vs GOLI – Side Effects

Neither one should be causing you side effects. GOLO and GOLI both contain fairly well-studied ingredients that are common in supplements. If you do experience any side effects discontinue use and talk to your doctor.

Cost & Where to Buy?

A single GOLI bottle (60 gummies) costs $19. By subscribing to recurring monthly payments you can reduce the cost to $16.15 per bottle.

A bottle of GOLO Release (90 servings) costs $59.95. This puts it in a similar price bracket as some of the market-leading fat loss supplements. We recommend doing more research before forking out this much for GOLO Release.

Our Verdict

Between the two, GOLO is the clear winner as far as fat burning is concerned.

However, GOLO is still far from the best weight loss pill we’ve seen.

It hides key ingredients in a proprietary blend, which means we have no idea if they’re correctly dosed.

In addition, GOLO is missing several core weight loss ingredients that would enhance its weight loss effects. It’s not bad by any means, but for the price that is being charged, you can find better.

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