Hydroxycut Max Review – Does it REALLY Work for Women?

Hydroxycut Max Review

Hi, and welcome to our Hydroxycut Max for women review. Hydroxycut Max is a female-targeted thermogenic fat burner supplement. It contains natural ingredients like caffeine, biotin, collagen, and iron to boost your energy levels and metabolism.

According to its manufacturers, Hydroxycut Max contains “a key ingredient” that’s been shown in two scientific studies to provide significant results to its users.

However, Hydroxycut Max also contains a lot of caffeine, so it’s no surprise to see a significant number of women reporting negative side effects. Hydroxycut Black has also omitted some of our favorite ingredients for weight loss, including a thermogenic and a proven appetite suppressant.

But how will Hydroxycut Max work for you? Do its benefits outweight the risk? We share our thoughts below!

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How to Use Hydroxycut Max (Dosage Directions)

Official instructions for using Hydroxycut Max are to take 2 capsules per day with, or without food, depending on the sensitivity of your stomach.

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day when taking Hydroxycut Max as the supplement has diuretics that make your kidneys work harder.

Hydroxycut Max: The Ingredients

Hydroxycut Max Ingredients Label and Facts

The ingredients in Hydroxycut Max are:

  • Folate (333mcg)
  • Biotin (300mcg)
  • Iron (2mg)
  • Pro-Clinical Hydroxycut Max Blend (525mg), consisting of:
    • Caffeine Anhydrous (225mg)
    • Mango fruit (unknown dose)
    • Kiwi Fruit (unknown dose)
    • Avocado oil (unknown dose)
    • Robusta Coffee Extract (unknown dose)
    • Prickly Pear Extract (unknown dose)
    • Hydrolyzed collagen (unknown dose)
    • Argan oil (unknown dose)
    • Silicon dioxide (unknown dose)
    • L-cysteine (unknown dose)
    • L-methionine (unknown dose)

Sadly, most of the ingredients in Hydroxycut Max are in a proprietary blend. The label only shows you the amount of the entire blend, but not the amount of each ingredient in it. This leaves you guessing how effectively dosed the ingredients are.

Let’s take a closer look.


Folate is one of the 8 essential B vitamins that ensures proper development and growth of an infant. In our adult years, it supports our general health. But excess supplementation is not helpful in terms of fat loss. (source1)


Biotin is another essential B vitamin that plays a role in your skin, hair, and nail health among others. Again, though, there is no evidence that supplementing Biotin will make you burn fat or help weight loss in any concrete way. (source2)


Our body uses iron to ensure optimal oxygen and nutrient transport to our tissues and organs. Low iron levels lead to anemia, though this is not as common as some would like you to believe. Women tend to need more iron than men for a number of reasons. However, unless you know you’re deficient, supplementing iron is not something to play around with as it’s very easy to get iron poisoning. (source4)

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and the first of the fat burning ingredients in Hydroxycut Max. It works to enhance your central nervous system so you’re more alert, focused, and motivated to stick to your routine. Caffeine also increases stress hormones such as noradrenaline, which, in turn, makes your metabolism burn more calories. At 225mg per serving though, it may also give you jitters and other side effects, especially if you can’t tolerate higher doses of stimulants.

Mango fruit

Mango fruit is not that common in fat burners. This is for the simple reason that there’s no evidence that it will promote fat loss to a significant extent. A better option here would be an appetite suppressant like Glucomannan to help reduce food cravings.

Kiwi Fruit

Another fruit powder, and another ineffective weight loss ingredient. While some studies pointed that kiwi has general health benefits, there’s not enough concrete human evidence to conclude it will be helping you burn more fat. (source5)

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is rich in oleic acid, which is heart-healthy fat. This makes avocado oil great for benefits like improved cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function.

Robusta Coffee Extract

This is the main fat loss star of Hydroxycut Max. The manufacturers of Hydroxycut Max says this will help women reduce not only food cravings, but also the body fat mass. How accurate are these claims?

To start with, we have to see what Robusta Coffee is. Essentially Robusta Coffee beans are more powerful version of your regular Arabica Coffee beans. According to experts, Robusta Coffee has about 83% more caffeine than regular coffee. (source3)

The problem is, we already have 225mg of caffeine in Hydroxycut Max. We don’t know how much Robusta Coffee there is in the supplement. If the total caffeine amount exceeds 300mg then that would be a recipe for severe side effects, especially in females who’re generally more sensitive to the stimulant.

You won’t be burning more fat by adding more caffeine – you’ll just feel worse!

Prickly Pear Extract

Prickly pear cactus, also known as nopal, is a plant known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Again, no proven fat loss benefits. If we were making this supplement, we’d add a thermogenic ingredient instead – such as Cayenne Seed Extract, which is naturally powerful at enhancing your metabolism.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Okay, collagen supplements don’t work for fat loss, it’s a great ingredient for females nonetheless. It helps keep your skin vibrant, healthy, and youthful!

Argan oil

Argan oil is rich in compounds that are good for your hair, which is why it’s commonly found in hair products. But much like most other ingredients in Hydroxycut Max, it does not burn fat!

Silicon dioxide

This is a filler ingredient; it doesn’t provide any benefits.


L-cysteine is an amino acid that our body uses to make glutathione – the master antioxidant.


Methionine is another amino acid and a building block for different proteins in your body.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Overall, it’s a disappointing show by Hydroxycut Max. Except for caffeine, there are no thermogenics, appetite suppressants, or other proven ingredients that would make you burn more fat. Most of the ingredients in this supplement are intended for general health, but they don’t work for weight loss.

Even the caffeine is not done well. There’s over 225mg of it – potentially over 300mg per serving. We don’t know how much because the exact dosage is not shown.

The lack of ingredient information in a proprietary blend makes us hesitant to say Hydroxycut Max’s formula is a safe or an effective long-term aid for weight loss.

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Customer Reviews

The majority of Hydroxycut Max reviews and testimonials are on Amazon. Here are what some users had to say about the product:

“Super bad anxiety after three weeks but I am so bummed because I lost 5 pounds and loved the way it made me drink tons of water and feel energy all day. I tried to do a smaller dose, but then I still couldn’t sleep at night and it made my heart race.– Shay (Amazon Customer)

“The caffeine was too much for me after I stopped taking them I was sick for days but good for weight lost it really works use wisely. – Deshara Phillips (Amazon Customer)

“Quite frankly, I use this product more for my skin and hair. I don’t even think it makes me lose weight, but I do know it helps my skin be blemish free and my hair grow.” – Net Baller (Amazon Customer)

Hydroxycut Max Before and After Results

What results can you realistically expect from using Hydroxycut Max? Although there are many before and after testimonials of Hydroxycut Max, it’s important to note that everyone is different, so your results may vary.

Before using Hydroxycut Max, many users reported struggling with food cravings and inability to lose weight. Even when they did manage to lose it, they tended to fall back into food binging, gaining all the weight back.

Some users reported that after using Hydroxycut Max, they’ve been able to lose more weight than with their diet alone, but most of these women also reported adverse side effects from too much caffeine.

The general theme among Hydroxycut Max reviews is that it gave them plenty of energy, but it was followed by a crash afterward. It also led to insomnia in many cases. The best way to minimize the risk of these side effects is to start with just 1 capsule with your biggest meal and see how you react.

Hydroxycut Max Side Effects: Is it Safe to Take?

Hydroxycut Max for Women is a safe product for those who can tolerate high amounts of caffeine. For those who can’t, Hydroxycut Max may cause the following side effects:

  • Panic attacks
  • Restlessness
  • Inability to sleep
  • Palpitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings

It’s best to check with your doctor if you’re not sure whether you will be able to handle Hydroxycut Max’s aggressive ingredients.

Price & Where to Buy Hydroxycut Max?

Hydroxycut Max costs $22.99 per bottle (30 servings). You can buy it at Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, and on Amazon. Hydroxycut Max is also available outside of the U.S., including in Australia and Canada.

Hydroxycut Max vs Black: Which is Better?

Hydroxycut Max and Hydroxycut Black are two different fat burners. While Hydroxycut Max mainly contains ingredients that focus on general health, including skin, hair, and nail health, Hydroxycut Black contains more stimulants to increase your energy levels.

Hydroxycut Max is mainly intended for women, while Hydroxycut Black is more targeted towards bodybuilders and men who’re used to highly aggressive fat burners. We say “aggressive” because Hydroxycut Black contains Yohimbe+caffeine, both powerful stimulants that will shoot your energy levels through the roof. As you’d expect, this also comes with a downside of causing negative side effects when the stimulants wear off. Note that Yohimbe is banned in the UK, Australia, and Canada due to its aggressive effects.

In that sense, Hydroxycut Max is somewhat safer, even though it too contains the caffeine dose that will be too much for most individuals (especially females).

Both Hydroxycut Max and Hydroxycut Black use proprietary blends which mask ingredient doses, so you can’t see exactly how much you’re getting. While Hydroxycut Max is somewhat of a safer option, it’s still missing many of the core ingredients, and therefore we wouldn’t recommend it as one of the best fat burner supplements you can currently buy.

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Hydroxycut Max Review Summary

How much weight can you lose on Hydroxycut Max? Well, you can definitely lose some weight with the help of Hydroxycut Max – but it comes with the cost.

The caffeine dosage is so high that it will give you energy and boost your metabolism, but you’ll also likely feel jittery and unwell throughout your day. This much caffeine will also reduce your food cravings a bit, so you could say that Hydroxycut Max is a decent appetite suppressant as well.

That being said, I think there’s a safer and more sustainable way to achieve the same results without having to suffer. Relying on caffeine alone for fat loss is not only sub-optimally effective but also risky. There are more effective thermogenic fat burners out there that use ingredients that will boost your metabolism and reduce appetite without making you go into overdrive.

Hydroxycut Max seems to be very effective for skin and hair health, though. If this is most important to you, you may still want to try it – just make sure to start with the lowest dosage possible!

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