Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut – Which is Right for You?

Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut: which one will give you better results, increase your energy levels, and help you burn fat consistently? Our team compares these two natural fat burner supplements to give you the full picture and help you decide which may be the better option for you.

[Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut TL; DR Summary]

While neither Inno Shred nor Hydroxycut is the best fat burner supplement we’ve seen, our clear winner is Hydroxycut. Not only is it significantly less expensive ($19.99 vs $49.99 per bottle), it also contains fewer stimulants so the risk of side effects is lower.

Inno Shred is the more effective of the two when it comes to curbing your appetite and increasing fat burn, but it contains far too many stimulants, which means it’s not the best option for everyday use.

That said, Hydroxycut has some issues of its own; these include that it is missing some important core ingredients for burning fat, along with using the controversial filler ingredient titanium dioxide. With a little research, you can easily find safer and more effective fat burners on the market today.

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Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut – The Overview

Inno Shred

Inno Shred is a fat burner supplement by the American company Inno Supps. It comes in red-looking tubs with 60 bottles.

By taking the recommended 2 vegetarian capsules of Inno Shred before one of your meals, the manufacturer says you will experience these benefits;

  • Rapidly burn fat
  • Improved metabolism
  • Increase thermogenesis & brown adipose tissue burning

Sounds good on paper, but how will it work for you?

Let’s check its competitor first to get an idea of what you can expect from both supplements.


Hydroxycut is one of America’s best-selling, if not the best-selling weight loss supplements on the market right now. The fact that it costs only $19.99 for 36 servings is one of the reasons why it’s so hyped online – along with Hydroxycut’s massive ad campaigns on TV and the Internet.

Hydroxycut promises to not only help you burn fat, it also says it gives you these benefits;

  • Increased calorie control
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Help support balanced diet
  • Boosting mood & focus

Sounds good. However, we can’t help but wonder, does the cheap price reflect its quality? The best way to find out is by inspecting its ingredient formula.

Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut– The Ingredients

Disregard the fancy claims and attractive packaging, what it all comes down to are the formulas. If they are backed by science as effective and safe, then that’s good enough for us to give a thumbs up.

Results speak! Let’s see if Hydroxycut and Inno Shred can bring them.

Inno Shred’s Ingredients

The ingredients in Inno Shred are all transparently shown. There are no proprietary blends inside. This means we can see their doses clearly, allowing us to assess how effective and safe the overall formula will be for you.

So, is Inno Shred any good?

The answer is that it’s decent. Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, caffeine, and capsicum are all excellent choices. They’re natural, safe, and well-researched for their weight loss effects. Green tea extract and caffeine can also boost your energy levels and focus, which is helpful when you need to stay on track with your macros. What’s more, the doses of these ingredients are all within safe and effective limits.

Now, onto the downsides.

  • Inno Shred contains a few stimulants too many. Alongside caffeine, it also contains Citrus Aurantium (a.k.a, Bitter Orange Extract) and Rauwolfia Vomitoria (Rauwolscine). Citrus Aurantium and Rauwolfia are both ingredients known for their harsh and aggressive stimulant effects – often leading to anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and heart palpitations to name a few. Combined with caffeine, these adverse effects can be amplified. Especially if you’re sensitive.

There is also the issue of unproven ingredients. Case in point: Grains of Paradise. Also known as Afromomum Melegueta, Grains of Paradise is a plant closely related to ginger. It’s an underresearched ingredient. Despite the hype it’s been getting, human evidence (credible evidence, that is!) behind this ingredient is still very slim and inconclusive. Grains of Paradise may have very little to no substantial benefit when it comes to weight loss.

Overall, do we think that Inno Shred can help you lose weight? Most definitely! The formula is strong enough to increase and amplify fat burning by boosting your metabolism, along with potentially curbing your appetite. However, we would like to see a few extra ingredients added, such as a better appetite suppressant (Glucomannan) and a blood sugar regulator (Chromium). But the biggest issue of all is the use of too many stimulants, which means that the benefits come at the price of potential (harsh) side effects.

There are a number of quality fat burners on the market that can give you the same or even better results, without having to rely on so many aggressive ingredients.

Hydroxycut’s Ingredients

Hydroxycut has quite a few more ingredients than Inno Shred. But does more mean better in this case?

Well, not really! Many of the Hydroxycut’s ingredients are basic vitamins and spice extracts that don’t have much of an effect on weight loss; they play more of a supportive role in the formula.

However, there are a few good ingredients inside, too. Robusta Coffee Extract is low in caffeine but high in chlorogenic acid, which helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates after you eat a meal. In other words, this ingredient in Hydroxycut works to curb your appetite.

We also get some apple cider vinegar in Hydroxycut, which is a decent folk remedy for general heh purposes, such as lowering your blood sugar, resulting in more stable energy levels throughout the day.

There’s also some caffeine in the formula; 204mg to be precise. This amount is almost the same as the amount of caffeine that is in Inno Shred. But there’s one advantage – Hydroxycut doesn’t contain other stimulants.

This means that while Hydroxycut’s formula is slightly less effective at promoting fat burning and appetite suppression than Inno Shred’s formula, it is far less likely to give you side effects. The 200mg of caffeine is a dose that is enough to give you an energy boost without resulting in a crash later on. That is, unless you’re intolerant to caffeine (in that case, even 200mg could be too much!).

Which Ingredient Formula is Better?

Overall, we rate Hydroxycut’s formula as better due to having less risk of side effects. The more aggressive Inno Shred’s formula is likely to give you better results in terms of how many additional calories it will help you burn each day, but at what cost?

That being said, both formulas fall short in effectiveness and safety when we compare them against some of the current market-leading fat burners.

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Inno Shred vs Hydroxycut – Side Effects

Between the two, Inno Shred is more likely to cause you side effects simply because it uses multiple stimulants. Caffeine combined with Rauwolscine and Citrus Aurantium can lead to:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Racing Heart
  • Elevated blood pressure

Keep in mind that Hydroxycut has some caffeine, too; if you can’t tolerate any stimulants, than it’s best to avoid both supplements and look for stim-free fat burners (luckily, there are plenty of good ones available today).

Cost & Where to Buy?

A 36-serving bottle of Hydroxycut will set you back by $19.99, which is a good value if you aren’t looking for anything better. Hydroxycut is available on its official website as well as pretty much every major retailer website like Amazon and Walmart. It sells around the world, too.

Inno Supps Inno Shred, on the other hand, sells on the official website and on Amazon. It is significantly more expensive than its competitor – costing $49.99 per bottle for a one-time purchase. However, you can slash the price down to $39.99 if you opt for a subscription (recurring delivery of the product).

Our Verdict

So, which will give you better (and faster) weight loss results – Inno Shred or Hydroxycut?

In our opinion, both Hydroxycut and Inno Shred fall short in some areas; we don’t recommend either one as the best fat burner you can find today.

That said, Hydroxycut is definitely our preferred pick of the two, due to its safe and light formula. The 200mg of caffeine, paired with coffee robusta extract, should give you a decent energy kick without overwhelming you. You may also notice some slight appetite suppression effects. But that’s as good as it gets. It is nowhere near the market leaders when it comes to increasing metabolism and burning body fat.

By contrast, Inno Shred is more effective at boosting fat burn, but it also comes with a significantly higher risk of side effects. The sheer number of stimulants (and their doses) is strong enough for you to consider steering away from it and look for safer options that are just as effective – it just takes a little research to find them!

What do we recommend?

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