Inspired Ember Fat Burner Review

Inspired Ember Fat Burner Review

Fat burners are everywhere. With so many options being released every year, it can be hard to decide which works and which will just drain your wallet.

In today’s review we’ve got Inspired Nutraceuticals Ember Fat Burner, which claims to be a thermogenic fat burner that will help you:

  • Have more energy
  • Increase motivation and willpower to resist food binging
  • Improve mental clarity

Inspired Nutraceuticals is a fairly new company with only a couple of thousand of followers on social media. They produce a range of fitness supplements that, they say, are based on science and the founder’s passion for giving their customers what they would want to buy and use themselves.

Does Inspired EMBER fat burner reflect its manufacturers claims, and will it work for you? Here’s a quick Inspired fat burner review summary if you don’t want to read through our full report.

Inspired EMBER Thermogenic At a Glance


  • No proprietary blends
  • 2 great tasting fruit flavors – Lemon Grove and Malibu Breeze
  • 200mg of caffeine per serving will boost your willpower and concentration
  • Contains Theobromine which may enhance your metabolism
  • Free U.S. shipping on bigger orders


  • Lack of more proven fat burning ingredients and appetite suppressants
  • Fat burner powders are more difficult to dose precisely (which is important with some smaller ingredients)
  • Uses Bitter Orange Extract which is known to cause adverse health effects
  • With only 1 serving per day, the effects aren’t maintained between the doses

What do we recommend?

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How to Use Inspired Ember Fat Burner

1-2 scoops per day, depending on your tolerance.

Always start with 1, or just half a scoop to see how you’ll react to it. As you’ll see below, some ingredients in Inspired Nutraceuticals fat burner may cause side effects when over-done.

Inspired Ember Fat Burner: The Ingredients

Inspired Ember Fat Burner Ingredients

B Vitamins

Among many important health benefits they have, B vitamins are essential for proper energy metabolism – helping you to convert food into energy. Inspired Nutraceuticals EMBER fat burner contains 100% of RDA of Niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and Pantothenic acid. Niacin is the only one we’d like omitted from the formula, since it’s known to increase insulin resistance when supplemented – ironically, resulting in a harder time burning fat.


Chromium is a trace element and an excellent choice for a fat burner. Not because it can burn fat (it can’t!), but because it helps regulate your blood sugar levels. So you don’t have those highs and lows. Ultimately, this helps reduce cravings for snacking excessively.

Each scoop contains 83% of your daily need for this trace mineral, which is good. However, double scooping brings the RDA to 167%. Don’t make double scooping a habit because chromium may cause mineral imbalances when over-done long-term.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-Carnitine has been a popular ingredient in fat burners for many years. A natural amino acid found in the highest quantities in red meat, it’s been speculated to help a person lose fat more rapidly by enhancing the fat burning mechanisms of your cells.

The problem is, we already get enough carnitine through our diet, and our body makes some on its own. This is why studies show very inconclusive results with this ingredient. Unless you have a deficiency, which is rare, you won’t be benefiting from carnitine. A more logical choice for a thermogenic fat burner is cayenne seed extract, which is far more powerful at inducing fat loss than carnitine.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that you’ve likely heard about before. Although it’s commonly used to help a person reduce their stress levels, it also has the ability to improve physical performance during exercise.

There’s not been too much evidence showing Ashwagandha can directly burn fat, though.

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion is a diuretic. It makes your kidneys do more work by filtering extra water, which can lead to dehydration and kidney issues if you don’t drink enough fluids throughout the day.

While it’s great for people who suffer from water retention and bloating, dandelion has no effect on stored body fat.

Cocoa Extract

Cocoa is a source of many interesting compounds that have been a topic of many recent scientific studies. One of these compounds is called Theomobrine. It’s a compound structurally similar to caffeine. Current evidence, although thin, shows some promise in terms of metabolism-boosting and energy-increasing effects of theobromine, which seem to be cleaner than caffeine’s (without the crash or jitters).

Grains of Paradise Extract

Grains of Paradise is one of those ingredients that have a lot of hype around them, but not actual evidence.

A few studies hinted Grains of Paradise may help enhance the body’s breakdown of fat and conversion into energy. Other studies haven’t replicated these results, most of them found lackluster effects on weight loss, and sometimes no effect at all.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is a brain boosting compound, AKA ‘nootropic’. Nootropics are popular amongst fitness fans because they give you increased focus and willpower during the day. Nootropics allow you to make better decisions, such as when you’re thinking about eating junk food.

The problem with choline is that it needs to come in specific form to penetrate the blood-brain barrier – CDP Choline or Alpha-GPC. Other sources of choline, like Choline Bitartrate that’s found in EMBER thermogenic, have lower bioavailability, which renders them ineffective.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a powerful central nervous stimulant that gets you up and going. The motivation and focus you get from caffeine are unlike any other natural, legal susbstance on the market out there.

The energy boost from caffeine means your body burns more calories. At 200mg per scoop, the dose is right in the between of being too weak and causing massive jitters. Good job!


Methylliberine is a compound isolated from coffee and cocoa beans. It’s still too early to say if this ingredient is worth including as there’s not much research on its long-term effectiveness and safety in humans.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange Peel, Bitter Orange Extract, or Synephrine, is a compound similar to the banned substance Ephedra. It’s known to induce a range of side effects. Bitter Orange Extract can make you jittery and cause heart palpitations. In prone individuals, it may even lead to serious cardiovascular problems. Why is Bitter Orange used in so many fat burners nowadays?

The truth is, fewer and fewer supplements use it, and it’s now officially been banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The aggressive stimulant effects of Bitter Orange Extract make it effective at raising energy levels – but not worth the potential adverse health effects.


As we’ve said, Theobromine is a compound from cocoa beans. It appears to have similar effects to caffeine, though we’ll need more studies to prove just how safe and effective it is for long-term use.


KannaEase™ or also known as Sceletium extract, is a patented natural ingredient in Inspired EMBER fat burner that helps reduce stress and anxiety. The main benefit is that it helps you make healthier food decisions.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Overall, the ingredient profile of Inspired Nutraceuticals EMBER thermogenic fat burner has several great ingredients – including caffeine, Ashwagandha, chromium, and B vitamins.

Other ingredients lack more research for us to recommend them as the best options. These include Theobromine, Grains of Paradise Extract, and L-Carnitine. Instead of these, EMBER fat burner would be better off if it included Glucomannan (the best natural appetite suppressant currently around), Green Tea Extract, and other heavy hitters.

Additionally, the inclusion of the aggressive stimulant Bitter Orange Extract means this product may not be safe for everyone, and is banned for some athletes.

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Customer Reviews

There’s not many customer reviews of Inspired Nutraceuticals EMBER fat burner due to this being a relatively new product.

If you’ve used EMBER fat burner, let us know your experience so we can share it with other readers here.

Does Inspired Fat Burner Have Side Effects?

Inspired Fat Burner consists of mostly safe ingredients. Yes, mostly! The only issue we have is Bitter Orange Extract which, as we said, can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Racing Heart
  • Insomnia

Bitter Orange Extract is potentially unsafe on its own, let alone when combined with 200mg of caffeine per serving. Safe to say, it’s best to check with your doctor before using this ingredient – especially if you have a condition.

Inspired Ember Thermogenic Fat Burner Review Summary

Inspired Ember Fat Burner contains several proven ingredients that will help give you more energy and improve mental clarity.

The combination of caffeine+Bitter orange extract means it will have very aggressive effects. If you’re used to taking high amounts of stimulants then this could work well for you.

But for the similar price, there are safer options on the market that are more effective for long-term fat loss and appetite suppression.

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