Instant Knockout vs Leanbean – Which is Better?

Instant Knockout CUT Review

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Instant Knockout vs Leanbean: which is more effective at boosting your energy levels, controlling hunger, and promoting fat burning? Which one is safer? Read on as we take a closer look at both products, starting with a summary.

[Instant Knockout vs Leanbean SUMMARY]: While Instant Knockout offers a stronger energy ‘kick,’ Leanbean contains more ingredients that are good for your general health – including antioxidant-rich acai berries and turmeric. Instant Knockout has more pronounced thermogenic effects, and will make you burn more calories as a result. Both products contain Glucomannan which is a great natural ingredient for appetite suppression. While Leanbean has more capsules per bottle (180vs120), Instant Knockout enjoys better reviews online and has more attractive bulk-buy deals.

Instant Knockout vs Leanbean – The Overview

About Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a highly popular thermogenic fat burner from Roar Ambition, specialist supplement company based in the UK but operating worldwide.

Instant Knockout boasts some of the best reviews of any fat burner online – including from pro MMA athletes and UFC trainers like Greg Jackson and Diego Sanchez.

Even though it’s quite strong in its effects, Instant Knockout’s manufacturers say this fat burner is perfectly safe and effective for women, too. In fact, when Instant Knockout’s makers were producing this fat burner, they initially made it for male and female Pro athletes, to help them cut weight as fast as possible before fights.

In addition to raising energy levels, Instant Knockout specializes in reducing food cravings and protecting your muscles for toning. It also contains thermogenics like cayenne pepper extract which have potent fat-burning properties.

While it’s been one of the market’s leading fat burners since 2012, Instant Knockout gets updated every 6-12 months to keep it up to date with the latest scientific research. Recently, it was upgraded to Instant Knockout CUT, which is now vegan-friendly and delivers more key ingredients to support fat burning, hunger control, and mental willpower among others.

How does it compare to Leanbean, though? Scroll below to read our in-depth analysis.

About Leanbean

Leanbean is marketed as women’s fat burner only. Also vegan-friendly, this attractive-looking fat burner claims to not only enhance your body’s fat burning mechanisms, but also support healthy craving control, so you’re less likely to snack on junk.

Compared to Instant Knockout’s 120 capsules per bottle, Leabean comes with a huge 180 capsules. However, it doesn’t use any caffeine so it won’t provide you with the same energy kick.

Leanbean comes with a serving size of 2 capsules, three times per day, compared to Instant Knockout’s 1 capsule, 4 times per day.

We’ve found the more frequent dosing to yield better results over the long-term as you’re keeping your body constantly fed with the nutritionally-rich fat burning compounds.

While Leanbean is a newer product to hit the market, it is already amassing a lot of positive reviews from its female customers. But is it more effective than the current no.1 reviewed fat burner on the market – Instant Knockout?

We find out!

Instant Knockout vs Leanbean – The Ingredients

Instant Knockout and Leanbean have a few common ingredients, but the rest of their formulas are quite different.

Common ingredients in Instant Knockout and Leanbean include:

  • Vitamin B6 – Helps convert the food you eat into energy, along with influencing neurology. (source:
  • B12 – Another essential B vitamin, B12 is critical for oxygen transport and red blood cell function.
  • Glucomannan – The best natural appetite suppressant currently around, it reduces hunger and sugar cravings. (source:
  • Black Pepper Extract – It contains the active compound piperine, which enhances the digestibility and absorption of other ingredients.

While Instant Knockout has places more focus on thermogenics like Cayenne Pepper, caffeine, and green tea extract, Leanbean contains more general health ingredients like turmeric and acai berries.

One advantage of Instant Knockout is that will give you more energy and focus thanks to a good dose of caffeine, which works particularly well in synergy with L-Theanine.

If you prefer caffeine-free fat burners, then Leanbean may offer you the better option, even though it’s weaker than IKO in terms of pure weight loss. Leanbean contains more ingredients that will help balance your blood sugar levels, while Instant Knockout is more punchy in terms of effects – offering a stronger metabolic kick and appetite suppression.

Instant Knockout’s Unique Ingredients

Instant Knockout Ingredients
  • Vitamin D3 – A good dose of an important vitamin that strengthens bones and joints, improves mood and mental outlook, and boosts natural testosterone levels in men.
  • L-Theanine – This is a dietary amino acid that synergizes well with caffeine; boosting caffeine’s energizing effects while reducing the stimulant-related jitters.
  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg of a strong thermogenic to boost your calorie expenditure and metabolic efficiency.
  • Cayenne Powder – A spice known to influence body’s thermogenic activity, making you burn more calories as heat.
  • Caffeine – A well-dosed stimulant in Instant Knockout that works to enhance your workouts, daily energy, mental focus, and also fat burning.

Leanbean’s Unique Ingredients

  • Chromium – A trace mineral that helps lower your blood sugar levels.
  • Zinc – Great for hormones and overall health, but it comes as the poorly absorbable zinc oxide in Leanbean.
  • Choline – A natural compound for improving memory and mental recall, choline works best when it comes in the CDP-CHOLINE or ALPHA GPC form, compared to the cheaper and less bioavailable choline bitartrate.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Some reports show Garcinia’s active compounds may support appetite reduction and weight loss, and they also mention liver strain as a result of using doses higher than 50mg for prolonged periods.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – It may support healthier blood sugar levels by reducing carb absorption in your gut.
  • Turmeric – Although it’s good for reducing inflammation and supporting general health, the spice turmeric doesn’t burn fat directly like some more effective ingredients.
  • Acai berry extract – Another general health ingredient, acai berries contain antioxidants that, while great for skin and immunity, won’t do you much good in terms of weight loss.

Which Ingredient Profile is Better?

We rate Instant Knockout’s formula higher than Leanbean’s. This is for a few reasons:

  1. Instant Knockout has more thermogenic ingredients which means it will make you burn higher amounts of calories. It also contains caffeine which will give you energy, improve focus, and enhance mental willpower.
  2. Leanbean mostly features ingredients that are good for you in general, but it’s missing more proven fat burners and hunger controlling compounds.
  3. Instant Knockout’s ingredients are better in quality, compared to Leanbean which uses cheap forms of zinc and choline. These are not only hard to absorb but also raise the risk of diarrhea.

Instant Knockout vs Leanbean – Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, Instant Knockout and Leanbean are both generally safe fat burners. Like all supplements, they may give you side effects if you’re overly sensitive to some of their ingredients or if you don’t take them according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

But generally speaking, we haven’t seen any reports of severe side effects from Instant Knockout and Leanbean reviews. Leanbean does use zinc oxide which is known to cause diarrhea, but this can be easily avoidable if you take it with food. Instant Knockout, on the other hand, contains a safe amount of caffeine, so you should feel more energetic without jitters, crashes or other side effects. That said, definitely steer clear of caffeine if you are extremely sensitive to the stimulant.

Instant Knockout vs Leanbean – Pricing

Both Instant Knockout and Leanbean come with some great deals, and both cost the same – $59.99 per bottle.

However, if you decide to take advantage of their bundle deals, Instant Knockout will save you more money. For example, buying the 3-month supply of Instant Knockout will give you 1 extra bottle for free, costing $185 in total. Meanwhile, the same 3+1 Leanbean deal will cost you $189.97.

You can save even more by buying the Instant Knockout 6-month deal, where you pay for 4-month’s worth of Instant Knockout and get 2-month’s worth for free. That’s 4+2 bottles of Instant Knockout for the price of 4.

Instant Knockout’s website:

Leanbean’s website:

Both fat burners also offer free fast international shipping when you buy in bulk. And you can currently only buy them on their official websites, which allows them to reduce the prices for you since there’s no middle man involved (e.g. Amazon).

Our Verdict

Overall, we rate Instant Knockout as the better option for men and women who’re looking to burn fat as fast as naturally possible, while having more energy and focus from the smart caffeine+l-theanine combo.

Leanbean does have a few great ingredients of its own, but it’s also missing some important ones. It does come as caffeine-free, so if that’s your only concern, and you don’t mind the slightly weaker effects, you might want to go for it regardless.

Looking at the whole package though, Instant Knockout does offer a better bang for your buck. The well-researched ingredients, more effective thermogenic effects, better bulk-buy deals, and excellent reviews from both men and women around the world make it the winner of this comparison.

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