OxyShred Review – Does This Thermogenic Fat Burner Work?

OxyShred Review


OxyShred Review: In this review, we’ll see if the OxyShred drink can give you more energy, boost thermogenesis and metabolic rate, reduce food cravings, and generally make weight loss a smoother process.

At the moment, you can purchase OxyShred on various websites, including Amazon, GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe.

In terms of benefits, the natural thermogenic drink OxyShred is said to help you:

  • Increase fat conversion to energy
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Control hunger & appetite

You may ask, what makes OxyShred stand out from the sea of diet pills and powders out there? It can be tiresome and frustrating trying to find a product that works these days, not least because there are so many options available – many of which are ineffective.

We set out to analyze OxyShred’s formula to see if the company’s claims hold water. Starting with a brief review summary!

OxyShred Simplified

So, what is our opinion on OxyShred?

After looking at its ingredients, we can say that OxyShred is a decent weight loss drink, but not quite as good as the hype would make you believe.

To start on a positive note, OxyShred offers a variety of flavors; you should be able to find something that suits your taste preferences. When it comes to effectiveness, OxyShred contains a combination of caffeine and L-Tyrosine which should boost your mental focus and energy during the day.

Fat burners that work well all have some things in common. One is ingredients that are proven to suppress appetite or burn fat naturally – including green tea extract, Glucomannan, and Cayenne Pepper. OxyShred doesn’t have any of these. A significant chunk of its formula consists of ineffective or unproven compounds.

Even when there are good ingredients, OxyShred doesn’t let us see their doses – they are hidden in proprietary blends.

OxyShred is a popular fat burner, though, and many people report that they get a noticeable energy boost from using it. It’s definitely not the worst fat burner we’ve reviewed. It’s just that for the price, there are more transparent supplements out there.


  • 7 different flavors
  • L-Tyrosine + caffeine work to boost your metabolism and energy
  • Chromium helps to balance blood sugar levels
  • Contains a number of great mood and immunity-boosting ingredients


  • Suclarose is a synthetic sweetener that has a negative effect on our gut bacteria (source)
  • Missing a better appetite suppressant and a thermogenic – such as Glucomannan, Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Lack of transparency with ingredient doses
  • Potential side effects from Synephrine+Caffeine
  • $59.95 is a bit steep for what it offers

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What is OxyShred?

OxyShred is marketed as an advanced and powerful thermogenic fat burner. Thermogenic meaning, it increases your body’s metabolism and stimulates your fat receptor cells to boost levels of fat burning.

OxyShred has also been said to help:

  • Limit calorie absorption
  • Curb your appetite
  • Boost immunity
  • Provide a natural energy boost

Interestingly, OxyShred comes as a powdered drink rather than in capsules. The most effective fat burners come in capsules for a few reasons, one of them is that it’s easier to dose ingredients precisely. This also reduces the risk of side effects.

It will be interesting to see how OxyShred fares against our current top rated products, and if it can deliver the same benefits safely as a powder.

How to Use OxyShred (Dosage Directions)

The instructions on the label of OxyShred say you should take 1 scoop of this product with 10oz (295ml) of water on an empty stomach. On training days, you can take another scoop before exercise. Or on non-training days, you can take the 2nd scoop when you need an extra ‘boost.’

Since it contains caffeine and some other stimulants, OxyShred is best taken in cycles. So 4 weeks on, 1 weeks off. This helps prevent you from building a tolerance to it, and maintains the efects.

OxyShred Flavors

OxyShred comes in 13 different flavors. Each one has a slightly different nutrient profile, but these differences are negligible.

OxyShred flavors include:

  • Mango
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Guava Paradise
  • Passionfruit
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Wild Melon
  • Raspberry Refresh
  • Peach Candy Rings
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Cosmic Blast
  • Mandarin Twist
  • Gummy Snake
  • Juicy Watermelon

All of the flavor options cost the same, which is $59.95 per container. Keep in mind that each OxyShred container has 60 servings, but you should take 2 per day, in which case it will last you a month.

OxyShred Nutritional Information

Here are the OxyShred nutrition facts as shown on product label:

OxyShred (60 serves)Amount / serving% DV
Total Carbohydrate1.0 g<1%
Dietary Fiber0.2 g4%*
Vitamin C174 mg193%
Thiamin0.56 mg46%
Riboflavin0.78 mg60%
Niacin20 mg123%
Vitamin B60.98 mg58%
Vitamin B120.9 mcg38%
Pantothenic Acid1.7 mg34%
Chromium Picolinate10 mcg3%

* Percent daily value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

OxyShred: The Ingredients

oxyshred's ingredients

There’s a lot of ingredients in OxyShred formula! Some of them are among the best rated fat burning ingredients on the market, but a few of them are iffy!

OxyShred isn’t 100% natural as it contains Suclarose (aka, Splenda), a controversial artificial sweetener shown in some studies to damage the gut microbiome.

Another slight issue with OxyShred is that it uses a proprietary blend. This prevents us from seeing the amounts of ingredients on the label. You can only see the total amount of the entire blend.

See for yourself:

OxyShred Fat Burning Matrix (2,003mg)

This is the first of the four proprietary blends in OxyShred. The ingredients include:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – This is a common brain-enhancing ingredient, and a very popular addition in fat burner supplements. However, studies show ALCAR can’t help with the latter. Your body naturally makes carnitine, and supplementing more of it isn’t proven to boost fat loss.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Garcinia is a tropical fruit that contains something called HCA. This is a type of acid that’s been shown to aid weight loss. However, Garcinia can be a double-edged sword – take too much of it, and it puts pressure on your liver. This is why we recommend avoiding it and opting for safer ingredients.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – CLA is a combination of fatty acids that interact with your body’s PPAR system. This system has an effect on weight loss. Sounds great in theory, but experts agree that CLA’s effects on PPAR are too weak to induce visible weight loss.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – Grapefruit Seed Extract isn’t one of the best fat burning ingredients. Not only is it ineffective but it can prevent your liver from breaking down other compounds in the body – this includes medications. If you’re on any, avoid this ingredient.
  • Guggul Extract Powder – Guggul can increase thyroid hormones. Apart from that, it doesn’t influence fat loss directly.
  • Mangifera Indica – This is merely common mango. It’s packed with healthy antioxidants, but that’s as good as it gets.
  • Bitter Orange Fruit Extract – Bitter Orange contains a compound called Synephrine, which is structurally similar to the banned substance Ephedra. It’s also similar to it in effects – causing rapid heart beat, elevated blood pressure, and jitters.
  • Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry Ketones have enjoyed a lot of hype in the past years. However, studies show that oral doses of this ingredient are ineffective at doing anything.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Finally, a great choice! Green Coffee Extract slows down carbs you eat, which can prevent unwanted weight gain.
  • Chromium Picolinate – This balances your blood sugar levels to prevent those post-lunch energy crashes. A good choice!

OxyShred “Immunity Booster” Proprietary Blend (625mg)

  • L-Glutamine – Glutamine levels deplete when you’re sick, so supplementation can help. But you need around 5-10g of it per day. The entire proprietary blend of OxyShred weighs 0.625g.
  • Vitamin C – This is a general health ingredient and an antioxidant that can help lower inflammation in your body.
  • Inulin Fiber – Inulin helps with digestion. It also stimulates the production of short-chain fatty acids in your gut to promote a healthy immune response.

OxyShred Mood Enhancer Blend (851mg)

  • Tyrosine – Tyrosine might not be a fat burner, but it’s a great nootropic. It helps boost your mind’s ability to withstand stress and stay focused in a situation where you’d otherwise get distracted.
  • Taurine – Taurine affects your GABA brain levels, a neurotransmitter that helps you fall asleep.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Aside from boosting your focus and energy levels, caffeine can actually also stimulate thermogenesis, the process where the body increases its calorie consumption and breaks down stored fat.
  • L-Theanine – Found only in some mushrooms and certain types of tea, L-Theanine helps calm and relax the mind, without making you drowsy.
  • Huperzine A – Huperzine A is a good short term memory booster. But not ideal for long-term supplementation, as it may cause side effects in some people.

B Complex Vitamins (24.59mg)

B vitamins are among the only ingredients in OxyShred which doses we can see.

We can tell straight away we’re getting good amounts of these foundational nutrients. This helps your body with overall function.

B Vitamins also ramp up energy levels if you’re deficient in them. If you aren’t, then you may not feel anything from supplementation.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

OxyShred’s ingredients should give you an energy kick, a mental boost, and some degree of weight loss.

It has several great ingredients – including caffeine and green coffee bean. But proven fat burners like green tea and cayenne pepper extract are nowhere to be seen. An additional appetite suppressant like 5-HTP or Glucomannan would be better instead of Garcinia Cambogia.

While it should get you some results, OxyShred is not the best formula around. Despite being a powdered drink and having the leeway to include so many potentially effective ingredients, OxyShred uses only a handful of good ones, with the rest being dead weight.

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Side Effects – Is OxyShred Dangerous?

For the most part, the ingredients in OxyShred are safe. However, the two exceptions are Garcinia Cambogia and Bitter Orange Peel extract. Both are known to cause side effects, especially when paired with other aggressive ingredients.

For example, Bitter Orange Extract is a stimulant by nature. This means it can boost energy levels, but it can also make you jittery, nauseous and feel unwell. Pair it with caffeine, and the risk of side effects goes way up.

You may wonder, is OxyShred a banned substance then? No, it’s not! Although some of its ingredients can raise the risk of side effects, they aren’t banned substances!

This means you can take OxyShred without any problem as long as you’re a healthy person and/or have a green light from your MD.

OxyShred Before and After Results – What Can You Expect?

You may have seen some testimonials of OxyShred online. Due to its wide popularity, OxyShred has tons of users writing reviews about it, including on Reddit, forums and other websites.

However, our opinion of the product isn’t influenced by any of these online testimonials, for the simple fact that you can never tell if they’re fake or legit.

It’s always best to trust your own senses, and look at the science. If the ingredients are backed by evidence to work, and if they’re dosed correctly, then that’s your sign that it may be worth buying.

And if it contains a bunch of unproven stuff, or if it doesn’t even show ingredient doses on the label, then you’ll know it’s not worth the investment.

Buy OxyShred

You can buy OxyShred from different sources – including the official EHP website, Amazon, GNC and other 3rd party sellers.

What’s more, OxyShred is available to buy in physical stores too. This includes Walmart, Walgreens and Costco.

Being so widely available, you can easily get your hands on a bottle of OxyShred no matter if you’re from the UK, USA, Australia or Indonesia.


Can You Take OxyShred During Intermittent Fasting?

Since OxyShred contains calories, it’s best to avoid taking it while you’re fasting. Also, OxyShred uses Suclarose which is known to cause a spike in insulin levels – one more reason to avoid this fat burner while doing IF.

Can You Use OxyShred as a Pre Workout?

Yes, OxyShred has ingredients that make it a decent pre workout. This includes caffeine and Bitter Orange Extract, both of which are stimulants. If you can tolerate their combined effects, then you’ll love the results you’ll be getting in the gym.

OxyShred and Keto – Yes or No?

Yes, you can take OxyShred while on a keto diet or in ketosis. Although it’s not ideal because of Sulcarose, OxyShred still belongs to a keto friendly fat burner because it’s very low in calories – including those that come from carbs.

OxyShred Review Summary

That concludes our OxyShred review. Does it really work? Is it worth the money?

Well, yes and no, depending on what you want.

If you’re looking to have more energy levels and don’t care about the potential side effects of Garcinia Cambogia and Bitter orange extract, then it could work very well for you.

But if you want the safest and most reliable fat burning ingredients, including an appetite suppressant that’s missing from OxyShred, then this may not be the best option.

Ironically, it’s named a “thermogenic fat burner” even though it doesn’t have some of the most effective thermogenic ingredients – including cayenne pepper extract and green tea extract.

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