PhenQ vs Leanbean – The ULTIMATE Comparison (Updated)

PhenQ vs Leanbean - Our Ultimate Comparison

PhenQs Leanbean: which one will help you get results faster, boost your energy levels, and feel healthier overall? Our team checks their formulas to see how they compare to other fat burner supplements in terms of their benefits, safety, and value, amongst others.

Let’s start with a short summary to get an idea about what you can expect from both products.

[PhenQ vs Leanbean SUMMARY]

While neither PhenQ nor Leanbean make it onto our top list, Leanbean is the winner of this particular comparison. It has more ingredients than PhenQ, and the ingredients themselves are more effective at curbing appetite and reducing food cravings. Leanbean is also stimulant-free, which means it’s less likely to give you side effects than PhenQ. But this could also be a downside for some people, as the lack of caffeine means it doesn’t give as strong of an energy kick as PhenQ. Still, we don’t rate either supplement as one of the best options currently on the market, as both have some major downsides that we’ll talk about in detail below.

What do we recommend?

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PhenQ vs Leanbean – The Overview


PhenQ is marketed as an all-natural weight loss pill. Manufactured in the USA, PhenQ claims to have the advantage over most fat burner pills which only target one area of weight loss. PhenQ, meanwhile, says it will help you lose weight from 5 different angles.

  • Appetite suppression
  • Stop fat production
  • Fat breakdown
  • Energy & metabolism
  • Improve mood

It contains 60 capsules per bottle, with the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day.

With thousands of reviews online, and according to the manufacturer, over 190000 satisfied customers, PhenQ is one of the most hyped diet pills you’ll see online.

But does it really work as advertised? What is inside these pills? Does the evidence support the ingredients that are in it?

We’re about to find out, but first, let’s check its competitor – Leanbean.


Leanbean is an all-natural, stimulant-free fat burner designed specifically for women.

It works by curbing your appetite and reducing food cravings, thanks to 3g of clinically-backed Glucomannan, alongside other lightly dosed ingredients in the formula.

While Leanbean doesn’t offer as powerful of an energy boost as some stimulant-containing fat burners, it promises to make up for it in the appetite suppression department. By consuming fewer calories throughout the day, you will find it easier to stay below your daily caloric limit, which means successful long-term weight loss.

Leanbean offers a whopping 180 capsules per bottle, with a recommended dosage of 4 capsules per day.

Does Leanbean really work, though? The claimed benefits sound good on paper, but what are the actual results that you can expect.

Here’s what we found.

PhenQ vs Leanbean- The Ingredients

PhenQ’s Formula

Here are the ingredients in PhenQ:

  • Calcium – 230mg
  • Chromium – 80mcg
  • L-Carnitine – 150mg
  • Caffeine anhydrous – 100mg
  • Nopal cactus fiber – 20mg
  • Capsimax Plus Blend (containing caffeine, capsicum fruit extract, niacin, black pepper extract) – 50mg
  • a-LACYS RESET (alpha-lipoic acid and L-cysteine) – 25mg

As shown on their label;

PhenQ Ingredients Label
PhenQ’s ingredient label.

PhenQ’s formula has been getting a lot of hype online, from reviewers and “customers” alike. But, from what we see, there is not so much to rave about.

In our opinion, PhenQ’s ingredient profile is not good at all.

Apart from caffeine, chromium, and capsicum extract, the ingredients are either ineffective fillers or potentially harmful compounds. Alpha-lipoic acid should only be taken under a supervision of a medical professional who is well-versed in heavy metal chelation, as ALA is known to distribute heavy metals in the body and cause side effects when taken improperly.

Then there is the issue of unproven ingredients in PhenQ. Nopal cactus fiber is a weak appetite suppressant, at best. We can understand it is cheaper for the manufacturer to produce, but a superior alternative to cactus fiber is Glucomannan (konjac root fiber), which has a better appetite reduction effect. Even if the cactus fiber was as good as Glucomannan, there is only 20mg of it in PhenQ, which is a comically low dose! Not enough to do anything at all.

  • The next unproven ingredient is L-carnitine. Yes, despite what the hype online might tell you, the actual evidence behind L-carnitine is inconclusive. L-carnitine is thought to increase weight loss by stimulating the conversion of your stored body fat into energy through the cell’s mitochondria. But this effect is not shown to be potent enough to bring substantial results.

As we said, PhenQ only has a couple of ingredients that may help you lose some weight in the long run. These are caffeine, which boosts your energy and metabolic function, along with chromium, which stabilizes your blood sugar levels, reducing food cravings in the process. But these two ingredients alone are not as effective as some more comprehensive fat burner formulas on the market.

Capsimax (capsicum extract) is an otherwise great ingredient, but its dosage is unknown in PhenQ. The entire proprietary blend that it is in is 50mg, and for all we know, only 1mg of that might be capsicum. Which wouldn’t be too out there as Capsimax can be expensive to manufacture. Even if it was 49mg, let’s say, it’s still far too low of a dose compared to more effective fat burners which use at least 100-150mg of capsicum extract to achieve effective fat burning.

Leanbean’s Formula

Leanbean’s formula looks like this;

Leanbean Ingredients
Leanbean’s ingredient label.

In case that image doesn’t load for you, here are the ingredients in Leanbean:

  • Vitamin B6 – 1.7mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 2.4mcg
  • Chromium – 35mcg
  • Zinc Oxide – 11mg
  • Glucomannan – 3000mg
  • Choline 82.5mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia – 100mg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – 50mg
  • Turmeric Root – 50mg
  • Acai Berry Extract – 20mg
  • BioPerine – 5mg

At first glance, Leanbean looks like it has a definite advantage over PhenQ’s formula.

For one, we have several ingredient choices that are better, such as B vitamins, glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, and green coffee bean extract. Together, these ingredients should help boost your energy levels and focus, as well as balance blood sugar levels so you eat less food.

  • Glucomannan, as we mentioned, is one of the best natural appetite suppressants around – it swells in your stomach and promotes satiety for hours. The dosage of 3,000mg per serving in Leanbean is excellent, as well.

So, Leanbean does have some advantages over PhenQ – but here’s the shocker… it has some major flaws, too.

For one, Leanbean is missing some key ingredients that PhenQ does have. The main one is caffeine. Without any stimulants, Leanbean is a safer supplement, but it is also a lot weaker than PhenQ when it comes to giving you an energy kick.

Leanbean is also using some ineffective and/or cheap ingredients. The thorn in the eye is zinc, which comes as “oxide” the least bioavailable form of the mineral. A more absorbable form of zinc is needed to help you with fat loss, such as zinc picolinate or zinc citrate.

Acai Berries, turmeric, and choline are decent general health ingredients, but they’re not particularly effective for weight loss. Especially at the low doses that are included in Leanbean. This is a letdown, as that capsule space could’ve been used for more effective ingredients like green tea extract and cayenne pepper instead.

The bottom line is: neither PhenQ nor Leanbean impressed us with their ingredients. Their formulas certainly don’t live up to the marketing claims of their manufacturers. We give a slight advantage to Leanbean due to having a cleaner and more transparent formula, and also because it has a better appetite suppressant in glucomannan. But it is still far from the best fat burner we’ve seen.

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PhenQ vs Leanbean – Side Effects

Both PhenQ and Leanbean contain well-researched ingredients in safe dosages. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are free of side effects. Just like with any supplement, your risk of side effects increases if you have sensitivities to certain compounds such as stimulants. As well as if you have any health conditions and/or are taking medications.

Of the two, Leanbean is definitely the one that is less likely to cause you side effects, due to the fact that it doesn’t use any stimulants. Leanbean also doesn’t contain Alpha Lipoic Acid – PhenQ does. ALA is known to cause a slew of side effects when taken improperly. AVOID taking ALA if you have silver fillings. Speak to a qualified doctor before taking this compound.

What do Customers Say?

PhenQ and Leanbean both have hundreds if not thousands of happy reviews online. It can be difficult to tell how many of those are legitimate customer “testimonials” and how many are paid ads or fake competitor reviews.

This is why it’s always best to rely on your own knowledge and see what the evidence says about the ingredients in these products – this way you’ll know objectively whether the supplement is able to give you the weight loss benefits that it claims.

Cost & Where to Buy?

PhenQ officially only sells through its website. It costs $69.95 per bottle (60 capsules, 1-month supply). The good news is that you’re covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Leanbean also only sells direct through the manufacturer’s website, but sometimes, stolen products could be found through eBay or Amazon. In terms of pricing, Leanbean will set you back by $59.99 per bottle. It gives you 180 capsules per bottle (also a month’s supply), and it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which makes it a better value overall.

Our Verdict

So, which one is going to give you better results: Leanbean or PhenQ?

In terms of energy-boosting, PhenQ has a clear advantage thanks to caffeine. However, this is the only advantage it has over Leanbean. In all other categories, including appetite suppression, ingredient transparency and quality, and value, Leanbean has the edge.

However, as we repeated multiple times throughout this review, neither Leanbean nor PhenQ are among the best fat burners we’ve reviewed. Both have too many drawbacks, including missing some core ingredients, having some ineffective and unproven ingredients, and not selling anywhere else but on their official websites.

If you’re looking for the current best-reviewed fat burners on the market, be sure to check our guide below.

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