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ShredCBD Review - Ingredients | Instructions | Side Effects

Weight loss pills might seem like they’re all the same – try one and you’ve tried them all. But every once in a while comes an exciting fat burner that brings something unique to the market. ShredCBD claims to be one such product. We’ll be reviewing it here to see if it can help you get leaner in a safe, legal, and natural way like its manufacturers promise.

What is ShredCBD?

ShredCBD is an interesting fat burner that approaches weight loss in a way that is not common for fat loss supplements.

Featuring 20mg of pure CBD isolate per capsule, it’s supposed to:

  • Trigger fat browning – turns hard-to-get-rid-of ‘white fat’ into more metabolically active ‘brown fat’.
  • Activate thermogenesis – heats up the body from the inside, causing a rise in your basal metabolic rate.
  • Increase fat lipolysis – Prevents the creation of new fat cells, as well as increasing the breakdown of existing ones.
  • Suppress Appetite – Helps regulate the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ as well as neurotransmitters like serotonin.
  • Improve mood & focus – Influences endocannabinoid receptors which regulate stress levels and help with sleep.

Important to note; CBD works differently from THC. It doesn’t make you high or cause munchies. It’s completely non-psychoactive, safe, and legal.

As for ShredCBD, it is intended for people who aren’t just looking to curb their food cravings or reduce body fat mass, but also enjoy a better focus and mental well being during the day – which can be crucial to sticking to your dieting goals.

Official website:

ShredCBD is a product that isn’t available anywhere else but in the USA, which is one of the downsides.

You won’t find it in the UK, Australia, Canada, and it isn’t available on Sites like Amazon – only direct from the manufacturer.

Why is this the case? Our team investigates below, along with sharing with you a brief summary.

ShredCBD Simplified

We’ve found ShredCBD to be safe and effective. It’s different from anything that we’ve seen on the market so far.

It’s not a stimulant-filled pill that creates an illusion that it gives you energy or burns fat, but an all-around diet support aid. It’s designed to help you mentally just as much as physically, which can be key to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

In our opinion, ShredCBD is worth a try if you’re looking to improve your sleep and feel better, as well as support your fat loss and exercise routine. Since ShredCBD is low on caffeine, the risk of jitters or stimulant-related side effects is low – which is another plus, too.


  • 100% natural
  • Contains 1200mg of perfectly legal and pure CBD per bottle
  • 60 capsules, 1-2 per day
  • Helps with sleep, energy, and mood
  • Helps burn fat as a part of an active lifestyle
  • Can be safely stacked with other supplements (including fat burners!)
  • Fast shipping + free dieting ebook


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How Does ShredCBD Work?

ShredCBD is intended to utilize both CBD and green tea to oxidize and break down more fat, reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and also boost exercise performance with a faster recovery.

Garcinia Cambogia is added to help with food cravings. Its impressive benefits go nicely with CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.

ShredCBD in a nutshell:

  • “Stimulate the oxidation and breakdown of fat.”
  • “Increase total energy consumption (calorie burn) by mobilizing more mitochondria.”
  • “Help prevent the body storing more fat, preventing visible weight gain.”
  • “Reduce hunger and reduce calorie intake by making dieting comfortable mentally.”
  • “Improve the quality of sleep and reduce inflammation helping you control your energy, diet and improve exercise performance.”

It’s surprising how well this fat burner works considering it only has 3 ingredients. However, if you look at the studies behind CBD, it’s clear this compound alone can do much more than some ingredients in fat burners combined.

This is why CBD is touted as “the future of weight loss supplements”.

We think it just might be.

-ShredCBD is available on the official website-

>Click Here to Visit<

Who Makes ShredCBD?

ShredCBD is produced by a specialist sports company from the UK, PFX Labs.

Our first impressions of this company were great when our team started researching them for this review.

There are a few things about PFX Labs that stood out to us that we haven’t really seen with many other manufacturers:

  1. Direct to customer business model – Basically, you can only buy the product direct from its maker. While this can be annoying for bargain hunters, it actually reduces the cost for you and the manufacturer as there’s no middle-man involved.
  2. Quality – The cleanliness and quality of ShredCBD are impressive. The only way they could stand out in this crowded fat burner marker was by launching a product that offers something fresh, while at the same time ensuring the best possible quality ingredients in their clinically proven doses – going above and beyond what most supplement manufacturers do. We think PFX Labs have nailed it here.

Okay, this all sounds awesome – but how well does ShredCBD really work?

I’m glad you asked that! The best way to find out is by checking the research behind the ingredients – which is what we’re going to do now.

ShredCBD: The Ingredients

Each ShredCBD capsule provides the following ingredients:

  • CBD Isolate (20mg)
  • Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract Blend (50mg)

While to some the big focus on CBD and ShredCBD’s formula of 3 ingredients might seem like wasted time and money. Looking at scientific studies into CBD we were very impressed to discover that there’s a lot of evidence backing CBD for fat loss.

What’s surprising to us is that more products aren’t including CBD in their formulas.

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients in ShredCBD.


CBD is an abbreviated term for ‘cannabidiol,’ a compound that naturally binds to your body’s native endocannabinoid receptors which are found in your body and the brain.

The growing amount of research around CBD’s benefits and safety has seen it become legal in many parts of the world – including the USA.

But how does CBD burn fat? You wonder. Here’s what the studies say:

  1. Converts White fat (bad fat) into brown fat (good fat) – burning away those hard to lose flabby bits

A 2016 study conducted by Parray and Yun, found that CBD triggers a conversion of White Adipose Fat into Brown Adipose Fat. This is a process also known as ‘browning’.

White fat isn’t inherently bad; it serves to protect and cushion our organs, along with serving as insulation to protect us from cold. However, too much white fat can actually start impairing organ function and lead to chronic disease.

White fat is the type of fat that you see in areas such as the belly and around the chest. You’ll want to minimize this obviously if the goal is to look aesthetic.

Brown Adipose fat tissue, on the other hand, is more metabolically active. It burns more calories to keep you warm. Brown fat originates from muscle tissue, but its levels decrease as we get older.

Tip: Daily exercise and getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night can activate the browning of white fat tissue in your body.

Research shows that prolonged periods of inactivity and overeating can ‘turn off’ your brown fat cells. Interestingly, CBD is shown to help offset this loss of brown adipose fat and keep it more active and easier to melt down. This will make your levels of white fat go down and you’ll lose weight faster.

  1. Reduces appetite, lowers calories consumed, leads to fat loss.

Another way CBD helps control your body weight is by curbing cravings. Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2 – which are found in different areas of our body and brain.

CB1 receptors are most concentrated in your brain and CNS and oversee the regulation of the hormone ghrelin in the hypothalamus part of the brain. Ghrelin is the hormone that keeps you hungry.

CB1 receptors aren’t only found in the brain though; they’re found in other areas of the body too. This will encourage people to binge on unhealthy food and overconsume calories.

CBD binds to your body’s CB1 receptors, blocking them from increasing feelings of hunger and appetite.

Some animal studies, for example, showed that CBD significantly reduces appetite in rats.

  1. Reduces fat promoting stress hormones.

Cannabidiol is known for alleviating anxiety, stress and other psychological issues. It’s thought that CBD stops the breakdown of chemical involved in regulating pain, cognition and mood.

This is completely different than THC which is psychoactive and can make you more stressed and anxious. Just goes to show how different compounds from the cannabis plant can be different from each other.

One of the underlying issues behind weight gain is stress. When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels rise, which tells the body to hold onto fat and burn calories slower – an ancient survival mechanism. This is why you can’t lose fat no matter how hard you exercise or how clean you eat.

Another factor is that when you’re stressed, you’re much more likely to fail on your diet and binge eat. Not only is your willpower decreased but you’re also seeking to ignore stressful emotions by binging on food.

CBD helps by reducing stress and making it easier for you to realx. It’s been shown to lower cortisol and by extension, prevent your body from clinging on to fat. This is key; with a reduction in cortisol levels, you’ll find it much easier to burn off fat.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia plays a role in the synthesis of fatty acids. Native to Southeast Asia, this plant bears fruits that are rich in HCA – a type of acid which is being researched for its weight loss properties.

Studies support the usage of Garcinia Cambogia for both weight loss and appetite suppression.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is one of the most popular fat burning ingredients available. It can aid your body in targeting stored fat as fuel and has been shown in studies to boost metabolic rate by over 15%.

A major study on the fat-burning effects of green tea found that it can increase weight loss and help keep the weight off.

Learn More About ShredCBD on the Official Website:


Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Here’s what might confuse you about ShredCBD. Most fat burners are stuffed with herbs and a long list of ingredients (you’d be surprised at how many lack scientific research), but ShredCBD only has 3.

This is because each capsule is filled with a precise dose of CBD, which is what’s been shown to work best for fat loss.

Garcinia Cambogia and Green tea are two additional proven fat burners that augment CBD’s natural fat burning effects.

The doses of these two ingredients aren’t massive, which makes them healthy and safe for long-term supplementation.

A controlled daily amount of Garcinia+Green Tea taken alongside CBD will help kick your weight loss into high gear.

We like ShredCBD’s formula overall – it’s a prime example that sometimes, the simpler, the better.

Why ShredCBD Stood Out to Me

I (Quin) like to research every supplement in depth before trying it for myself.

There are a few reasons that drew me to give ShredCBD a try. One is that it offered an exciting new alternative to generic weight loss pills.

Key things that made ShredCBD stand out to me:

  • 1200mg of Cleanest Quality CBD Isolate
  • 60 Capsules
  • No Side Effects
  • It’s Legal & used by Athletes around the world
  • An effective alternative to outdated fat burners

Each capsule of ShredCBD has 20mg of CBD naturally derived from hemp. ShredCBD has no added stimulants such as caffeine and its THC levels are locked below 0.1%. This makes it perfectly legal in the UK and the USA where the limit is 0.2% THC.

You’ll also notice that ShredCBD is GMP certified and made in the United States of America.

Most importantly, ShredCBD isn’t a miracle supplement. It can’t magically work against a junk diet. BUT, it will make your weight loss journey a lot more bearable and quicker when you pair it with the right lifestyle. (Read my experience using ShredCBD below).

Official ShredCBD website:

How to Take ShredCBD

ShredCBD instructions are to take 1-2 capsules per day. Always start with the lowest dose to asses how it works for you.

If you need an extra boost you can safely take the 2 capsule at any time of the day to enhance your mood, performance.

CBD works differently for everyone. However, most people report that taking the first capsule of ShredCBD early in the day energizes them, and taking it in the evening helps them get to sleep. I experienced the same effect – more on that below.

Does ShredCBD Have Side Effects?

No, ShredCBD doesn’t have side effects for most people. I didn’t experience any either.

CBD is exhaustively studied and has been shown as safe even in higher doses. ShredCBD contains 20mg of pure CBD isolate which is a healthy amount of daily use.

Taking very large doses of CBD can, in very rare cases, cause stomach upset and nausea.

Always speak with your doctor if you aren’t sure whether you should take a supplement or not – remember that this article is not medical advice!

My Personal Opinion on ShredCBD

Summary of my opinion on ShredCBD after 30 days of thorough analysis:

  • Solid improvement in sleep quality and exercise recovery
  • Possible appetite reduction – potentially helpful with resisting snacks, which is odd considering that weed is typically associated with munchies
  • Better energy levels and focus
  • Increased sex drive (surprising, I suppose this is due to reduced cortisol)

The effects you could expect from ShredCBD aren’t instant, like I saw with some caffeine-filled fat burners that give an illusion that they work. You shouldn’t get any side effects like sickness, jitter, or energy crashes. In fact, for the first couple of days, you may not feel that much at all.

  • But, this slower effect is what makes it different. As the supplementation of ShredCBD continues, one of the more noticeable effects is an improvement in sleep.

As ShredCBD’s manufacturers mention, bad sleep is one of the worst weight loss offenders. So that was a good start for me.

Next is a reduction in appetite. You might find it becomes easier to control junk food cravings. Leading to fewer calories consumed.

Combined with training 3x per week in the gym, the recovery improves and inflammation goes down, I believe thanks to ShredCBD.

As an unexpected bonus, one of the benefits you may notice is a boost in your sex drive, which is no bad thing. This is probably down to reduced cortisol levels.

Now, the weight loss from ShredCBD isn’t that glamorous when compared with other market-leading fat burners, but it is a relatively safe and light fat burner, so you should not be experiencing any side effects.

The scenario where I see ShredCBD shine the most is when combined with other supplements to form what I call a “fat-loss stack”. For example, combining ShredCBD with something like Instant Knockout (our favorite natural fat burner) is what may yield you the best results, in terms of not just weight loss but also overall mood, sleep quality, and muscle recovery.

ShredCBD is available on the manufacturer’s website

>Click Here to Buy Now<

What do Other ShredCBD Reviews Say?

I personally don’t like to rely on other reviews online, especially those on sites like Reddit. You can never tell if they’re moderated or actually legit.

Speaking of Reddit, you may come across some ShredCBD reviews there. But generally it’ll be mostly other review sites that you’ll see as the top results on internet search.

ShredCBD vs Instant Knockout – Which is Better?

ShredCBD vs Instant Knockout – which fat burner burns fat better? That is the question.

It all comes down to personal preference in my eyes. ShredCBD is stimulant-free, whereas Instant Knockout contains clinically dosed caffeine for energy and 24/7 fat burning. Both can help with fat burning due to having some of the most researched ingredients on the market.

My personal favorite remains Instant Knockout simply due to how fast this fat burner works. To this day, it’s the most effective fat burner I’ve tried. However, if you can’t tolerate caffeine, ShredCBD will work amazing too – just a bit slower and you’ll notice other benefits in addition to fat loss, such as your mood will improve and you’ll sleep better.

Where to Buy ShredCBD?

Follow this link to buy ShredCBD:

As mentioned in the intro, ShredCBD isn’t available in the UK, Australia or Canada. At the moment you can only buy it in the USA.

But we’ve heard from the company they may be expanding in the future.

In terms of where to buy ShredCBD online, the best place to go to is the official website.

ShredCBD isn’t officially sold on Amazon, but there’s always a chance you may come across a stolen product there. Which is a never good idea to buy, because you don’t know hot outdated the product is, or how long it’s been sitting on the shelf.

By buying directly from ShredCBD’s website, you’ll be getting the freshest and the latest batch of the product.

**Side note: You may encounter a message “Secure checkout in GBP with Viva Wallet” – Don’t let this confuse you! Viva Wallet is a secure checkout provider, we haven’t had any issues with them or the conversion from dollars to pounds.

All orders of ShredCBD are free and shipped QUICKLY. Without any issues whatsoever. We ordered to New York and got ours in 3 days.

ShredCBD Review Conclusion

We didn’t expect ShredCBD to work as well as it did. But using CBD as a solution to losing fat is impressive.

Not only did I see some good amounts of weight loss but most surprisingly (to me) was the sleep improvements. Post-gym recovery also seems to get shorter and the stress levels do go down.

This isn’t for everyone, but as an innovative legal alternative to fat-burning ShredCBD is an awesome choice.

I am a little put off by its high price, but looking at other products that offer 1200mg of the same high-quality CBD, it’s actually not that bad!

If you’ve tried different supplements and none seemed to work, ShredCBD is definitely worth a go. It’s a very exciting supplement that may help you burn off unwanted fat, and keep it off for good – it for sure left a positive impression on me!



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