SkinnyFit Detox Tea Review – Does it Work?

Here’s our recently updated SkinnyFit Detox Tea review! In this review, we’ll see if SkinnyFit Detox Tea can hold up to its claims, and if it’s as good as our top-rated fat burners on the market.

So, what does SkinnyFit Detox Tea do? It promises to help you:

  • Slim down
  • Soothe bloating
  • Boost energy naturally
  • Release toxins

Costing $69.95 for one-time purchase and $55.99 with a monthly subscription on their official website. SkinnyFit Detox Tea is also available on Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, as well as stores like Walmart, GNC and Target. You may also stumble upon SkinnyFit Detox Tea promo codes if you check around their website.

Generally, we aren’t the biggest fans of fat burning drinks because the ingredients are more difficult to dose precisely compared to fat burning pills.

However, the question still stands: what results can you expect from using SkinnyFit Detox Tea? Is it worth the hefty price tag?

Here’s a short summary, followed by a more detailed analysis from our panel of experts!


  • 10 calories per serving
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Contains goji berries, green tea, and antioxidants that aid overall health
  • Contains a good amount of caffeine for energy
  • 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, decent reviews


  • $69.95 for just 28 servings
  • Missing core fat burning ingredients, including an appetite suppressant
  • Lack of transparency – can’t see ingredient amounts on the label
  • Contains too many stimulants, raising the risk of side effects
  • 1 serving per day, not enough to keep the effects lasting between doses

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How to Use SkinnyFit Detox Tea (Instructions)

So how to make SkinnyFit Detox Tea?

Preparing SkinnyFit Detox Tea is actually very simple. Steep a teabag in 8oz. of hot water for 5-7 minutes and drink it once or twice per day, hot or cold!

SkinnyFit Detox Tea: The Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you get in each SkinnyFit Detox Tea bag:

  • Sencha Green Tea (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Nettle Leaf (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Oolong Tea (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Dandelion Leaf (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Goji Berry (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Yerba Mate (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Lemon Grass (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Milk Thistle (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Guarana (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Ginseng (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Stevia Leaf (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)
  • Matcha Green Tea (UNKNOWN AMOUNT)

Along with that, you also get natural flavorings in this tea. It doesn’t have suclarose or any artificial ingredients, which is one of the few positive things about this tea.

As far as nutrition facts go, SkinnyFit Detox tea has between 0-10 calories. This means it has virtually no sugars, no proteins, no fats or any nutrition for that matter, except for 5mg of potassium.

The main active ingredients are in a proprietary blend, which means we can’t tell their amounts. This makes assessing the tea’s safety and effectiveness at burning fat tricky.

Here’s a closer breakdown of each ingredient;

Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea is the same thing as regular green tea. It contains catechins which are useful molecules when it comes to burning unwanted fat off your body.

Catechins are antioxidants by nature, which means they protect your cells from damage. The result of this is lower inflammation and stress hormones like cortisol, which are all things that can make it harder to lose weight. (see a study on green tea benefits here:

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf is a source of anti-inflammatory compounds. Specifically, Nettle Leaf has been shown to be effective at relieving sinusitis and excess mucus production in the nose. It’s also good for enlarged prostate in men.

So that’s good, but what about fat loss? Well, Nettle Leaf can’t help you with that at all, according to research.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea makes up only 2% of the world’s tea. However, even though it’s not as popular as green or black tea, it actually comes from the same plant as its cousins – the plant is called Camellia sinensis.

Essentially, the plant’s leaves contain enzymes that make it turn black, in a process called oxidation. This is what turns green tea into black tea.

However, Oolong tea is not allowed to oxidize fully from green tea into black tea. This means its nutritional profile is somewhere in between green tea and black tea.

Oolong tea contains many of the same antioxidants as its two more popular cousins, which include EGCG and polyphenols. Both of which are good for your cardiovascular system. But you’d need to consume these in much higher amounts than what’s found in a teabag to reap any of their fat burning benefits.

Oolong tea also has l-theanine which is an amino acid that reduces stress.

Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion is not a great ingredient for a weight loss tea. Why? Because it acts as a diuretic and can make you lose water weight. Make sure to drink enough water with this tea to avoid dehydration.

Dandelion can also be irritating to the liver, which is why if you have any kind of gallbladder or liver issue, you should avoid it.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry is an overhyped food. Although it contains healthy nutrients – much like most other berries – it’s not particularly rich in any compound that would make us recommend it as a weight-loss or detox ingredient.

A better choice would be blueberries, which have the highest antioxidant activity of any berry.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a popular South American health drink. It’s made from dried leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis plant.

Yerba mate has even more caffeine than green tea – around 85mg per cup. 85mg is not a huge amount, but combined with other caffeine sources in SkinnyFit Detox Tea it could do more harm than good.

Too much caffeine can, as you might have experienced yourself, cause jitters, anxiety and an energy ‘crash’.

As far as fat burning effects of Yerba Mate go, they all come from caffeine. Other healthy nutrients in Yerba Mate worth mentioning are polyphenols, saponins and antioxidants that can help the liver with detoxing.

Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is a perennial plant that can grow pretty much anywhere. Both outdoors in your garden or indoors in a pot.

Although similar to green tea in terms of health effects, lemon grass may be especially effective for reliving colds and flu, as well as promoting healthy digestion.

But while Lemongrass may help you with bloating, it doesn’t actually burn fat.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a natural liver tonic. It helps to lower high liver enzymes and assist in the repair of liver cells that were damaged by alcohol, toxins or other sources of oxidative stress.

Milk Thistle is the only legit detox ingredient in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. It has actual evidence supporting its detoxing effects. Green tea and the rest of the company don’t affect detoxification nearly as much.


Guarana is the highest source of caffeine in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. Guarana seeds, which resemble small (and slightly creepy) eyeballs, have more of the drug than actual coffee beans.

This wouldn’t be a problem if Guarana was the only source of caffeine in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. But since it’s one of many, and since we can’t see its amount on the label, it can potentially raise the risk of side effects.


Ginseng is a vitality booster. It’s especially effective for men as it can boost their testosterone levels, along with improving libido.

Ginseng aids female health too, although not in the same way. It may increase energy, differently from how caffeine does it. Giving you a cleaner and crash-free buzz. And while Ginseng may lower your blood sugar levels, it hasn’t been proven to burn fat.

Stevia Leaf

Stevia is a natural sweetener in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. It also has some health benefits, such as fighting teeth bacteria that cause plaque.

Matcha Green Tea

Yet another caffeine source! What were the makers of SkinnyFit Detox Tea thinking?

Matcha Green Tea is healthy by itself, but not when it’s mixed with 4 other sources of caffeine.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

The most concerning part is that we don’t know how much actual caffeine is in this product. The lack of transparency with this product means two things:

  1. The manufacturers don’t seem to be confident enough to reveal exactly what they’re selling.
  2. There’s a high potential for side effects (detailed in the “Side Effects” section below).

SkinnyFit Detox Tea is also missing some of the best fat burning ingredients on the market, including:

  • Cayenne Seeds Extract
  • Glucomannan (Konjac Root Fiber)
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Chromium

Editor’s Pick:

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Does SkinnyFit Detox Tea Have Side Effects?

There are high amounts of stimulants in SkinnyFit Detox Tea, which naturally raises the risk for side effects.

High blood pressure is just one of the side effects of caffeine in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. We can’t tell how much caffeine is inside, so it’s best to drink half a serving to check how you react to it.

Some users also ask, “Does SkinnyFit Detox Tea make you poop?” This entirely depends on your genetics, metabolism and lifestyle. But yes, some ingredients in SkinnyFit Detox Tea, such as Green Tea and Oolong tea, can speed up the digestion, which can result in more frequent bathroom visits!

SkinnyFit Detox Tea Review Summary

So that concludes our SkinnyFit Detox Tea review.

All in all, we think this product has a few great ingredients, including green tea for fat loss, Milk Thistle for detoxification, and goji berries for general health.

However, due to having potentially high amounts of caffeine, we wouldn’t recommend SkinnyFit Detox Tea as the safest supplement. It’s not very trasparent either since you can’t see the ingredient doses in the label – which is typically a red flag for us.

It’s also missing some core ingredients that would make it better at burning fat. And, for a price of $70 per packet (28 tea bags), you’d at least expect more servings per day to maintain the fat burning effects throughout the day.

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