Ghost Burn vs OxyShred: Which is Better? (updated)

Ghost Burn vs OxyShred

Ghost Burn (stim) vs OxyShred: which one is better? We bring these two highly popular fat burners face to face to help you decide which one is the right option for you.

[Ghost Burn vs OxyShred Summary]

While neither Ghost Burn nor OxyShred makes it to our top list, Ghost Burn is the winner between the two. It uses a more streamlined fat burning formula with a transparent ingredient label, and it comes in two versions—Ghost Burn Stim and Non-Stim for those intolerant to caffeine. It’s a different story with OxyShred, which hides ingredient doses behind proprietary blends. OxyShred also uses some unproven and ineffective compounds. In terms of flavors, both OxyShred and Ghost Burn offer a variety of options – all are artificially sweetened though. Overall, for the price of $44.99 (Ghost Burn) and $53.96 (OxyShred), you can find better bang for your buck with some research.

What do we recommend?

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Ghost Burn vs OxyShred – The Overview

Ghost Burn

Burn is a popular fat burner drink from the American company Ghost. It comes in bottles with 40 servings, or 20 servings if you decide to double-scoop it. This may not be the best idea because just 1 scoop of Ghost Burn contains an already potent dose of 250mg of caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine, Ghost Burn promises to ramp up your energy levels while also getting your metabolism into higher gear to burn more calories.

You’re also promised:

  • Enhanced fat breakdown
  • Better appetite control & craving reduction
  • Mood & digestion support

Interestingly, Ghost Burn is not a capsule-based fat burner like most other products on the market, but rather, comes as a powder in different flavors. These include:

  • Spicy Pineapple Margharita
  • Sour Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Passionfruit

The question is, how will Ghost Burn work for you? Is it worth the money? And how does it compare to its competitor?

We find out in detail below!


OxyShred is marketed as a thermogenic fat burner, which essentially means it makes your metabolism burn more calories even while resting.

How true are its claims, and what benefits can you expect?

Before we dive deep into the ingredients and answer that question, you may want to know some background information on OxyShred.

It is produced by EHP Labs, an American-based supplement company, and has tons of users raging about it online. In fact, OxyShred is one of the most popular fat burner-drinks you’ll find.

It has 60 servings per bottle and comes in a variety of flavors. Including:

  1. Gummy Snake
  2. Kiwi Strawberry
  3. Cosmic Black
  4. Mandarin Twist
  5. Raspberry Refresh

For most people, the flavor is just part of the picture. The effectiveness at helping you lose weight and control hunter will be the top priority for most of us. So, let’s check the ingredients in OxyShred and Ghost Burn to see which ultimately comes out on top.

Ghost Burn vs OxyShred – The Ingredients

Ghost Burn Ingredient Analysis

Here is an image of Ghost Burn’s ingredient label & nutrition facts (Sour Watermelon flavor):

Ghost Burn Ingredients & Nutrition Facts - Label

Looking at the ingredients of Ghost Burn, we like that we can clearly see all of their dosages on the label, as there are no proprietary blends inside. We appreciate this transparency and believe it is something more manufacturers should do.

As for the ingredients themselves, there is a mixture of some solid weight loss ingredients in Ghost Burn, as well as energy enhancers, and even mood boosters.

  • Among those, we have 1500mg of L-Carnitine, 500mcg of chromium, 250mg of Caffeine, 10mg of Theobromine, and 20mg of Grains of Paradise. Together, at these dosages, these ingredients should help to boost your metabolic activity – enabling you to burn more calories throughout the day. Which ultimately contributes to fat loss.

Ghost Burn also contains L-Tyrosine, which is an amino acid that helps maintain your concentration level throughout the day. Ashwagandha, meanwhile, enhances strength and energy levels while reducing stress.

It’s clear Ghost Burn is not a bad formula. You should notice some decent results – regardless if you’re using it as a pre-workout, or to lose weight. But is Ghost Burn the best fat burner formula we’ve seen? It’s definitely not!

There are some major issues with the formula.

Ghost Burn uses Bitter Orange, also known as Citrus Aurantium. This ingredient is a hardcore stimulant that is similar in structure and effects to the banned substance Ephedra. It can ramp up your energy levels, but it also comes with a risk of negative side effects. Especially when you pair it with the 250mg of caffeine that is in Ghost Burn.

Secondly, Ghost Burn is using some cheap and ineffective ingredients. Choline Bitartrate and NeuroFactor Coffee Fruit Extract are two ingredients that are wasting capsule space. Choline Bitartrate is a poorly absorbable form of Choline, which means it won’t give you a substantial benefit. A better option (albeit more expensive) is CDP-Choline which easily crosses your blood-brain barrier where it feeds neurons to work optimally and communicate with each other efficiently.

As for NeuroFactor Coffee Fruit Extract, it is an understudied ingredient. We don’t have much research proving it does anything at all for brain health or weight loss. Not to mention, Ghost Burn doesn’t even tell us what exactly from the coffee fruit is extracted – vitamins, fiber, or perhaps caffeine? There’s no way to know!

All in all, Ghost Burn looks solid, but there is room for improvement. It has some good ingredients (in good dosages), but a part of the formula consists of dead weight – aka, unproven ingredients. Ghost Burn would be more effective at helping you lose weight if it replaced the ineffective ingredients with a proven appetite suppressant like Glucomannan and a thermogenic like Cayenne Pepper Extract and Green Tea Extract.

If you just want a good pre-workout, then you’ll be pleased with the stimulant punch of Ghost Burn. But as a fat burner, it falls behind other market leading supplements.

OxyShred Ingredient Analysis

Here are the ingredients and nutrition facts of OxyShred, as shown on the label:

oxyshred's ingredients

This is a starkly different ingredient profile. OxyShred has barely anything in common with Ghost Burn.

The most obvious one is that OxyShred has far more ingredients than Ghost Burn. It also covers a wider spectrum of benefits, including; immunity booster, mood enhancers, and hyper-lipolysis non-stim fat burning blend.

However, does more equal better here?

The answer is absolutely not in this case. Most of OxyShred’s ingredients are in proprietary blends, which hide individual dosages. This makes it impossible to tell how effective or safe OxyShred’s formula as a whole is.

Proprietary blends, in general, are a red flag. Manufacturers often say they use them to “protect their formulas from copying,” but in reality, it’s often to hide weak and underdosed ingredients. There is no reason to use proprietary blends these days, as formula theft doesn’t happen.

Okay, so the lack of transparency prevents us from knowing if the ingredients in OxyShred are well-dosed. Assuming for a second that they are, we need to be asking another question… how effective are ingredients themselves? What does the research say about them?

  • There are actually some excellent, studied ingredients in OxyShred. Garcinia Cambogia, Teacrine, and chromium are three well-known weight loss aids. While Garcinia Cambogia is known to help with appetite control, Teacrine, and chromium work to enhance your energy levels.

OxyShred also has some basic nutrients such as the 8 B-Complex vitamins, which further contribute to healthy energy levels and the conversion of foods you eat into nutrients.

But that’s as good as it gets. The rest of OxyShred looks underwhelming and weak, with many unproven ingredients. Glutamine, CLA, Raspberry Ketones, Olive Leaf Extract, Huperzine A,… we could go on for a while!

Some of these ingredients are not only not proven to burn fat or promote weight loss, but they also should not be taken continually due to their potential side effects. An example is Huperzine A. This ingredient works best when cycled every few weeks to avoid side effects. But by taking a break from OxyShred, you are canceling out the benefits of other ingredients that need to be taken consistently long-term to work.

All things considered, OxyShred looks like a inferior formula to that of Ghost Burn. Even though Ghost Burn has some issues of its own, it still uses better ingredients overall, and it’s more transparent – you know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

Ghost Burn vs OxyShred – Side Effects

Ghost Burn and OxyShred both contain ingredients that are generally shown to be safe when taken in recommended dosages. Having said that, OxyShred comes with a higher risk of negative reactions for two main reasons:

  1. It uses proprietary blends, so some ingredients could be over-served without us knowing. For example, Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent fat burning compound. However, taken in doses that are too high (200mg or more in some cases), it could lead to liver problems in people with pre-existing issues.
  2. OxyShred contains Huperzine A which needs to be taken a break from every few weeks, to avoid memory loss and cognitive impairment among other potential side effects.

Ghost Burn takes the lead in this category. It has a significantly lower chance of causing any negative reactions.

Cost & Where to Buy?

Ghost Burn costs $44.99 per bottle (40 scoops) on its official website. The price can get higher depending on where you buy it. For example, on GNC, Ghost Burn costs $49.99 per bottle. At this price range, though, better fat burners can easily be found on the market.

OxyShred is a bit more expensive at $53.95 per bottle, but you get more servings – 60. You can save 10% off on OxyShred if you subscribe to automated delivery and credit card charges.

Our Verdict

OxyShred and Ghost Burn: which one should you buy?

In our opinion, the answer is neither one. While Ghost Burn does have a more transparent ingredient list – and while it uses better ingredients than OxyShred – it still is missing some important herbs and nutrients that would enhance its fat burning and appetite suppressant effects. Mainly, these include cayenne pepper extract, green tea extract, and Glucomannan (Konjac Root Fiber).

As for OxyShred, it is a massive letdown. For the price of $53.95, we aren’t even shown basic dosage information, so we can’t tell how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

If you are serious about using effective supplements to help you lose weight, then you will want to do more research to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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