Vidaslim Review – Does it Work? Is it Better Than Vidaslim Plus?

Vidaslim is a popular diet pill claimed to help you reduce your body fat and curb appetite – assisting you in achieving long-term weight loss results. In this Vidaslim review, our team is going to see if these claims reflect the actual results and science behind this product’s ingredients.

Is it a good value for money? Let’s find out!


  • Contains pectin which can help curb your appetite slightly


  • Only 3 active ingredients inside
  • Tecojote Root is not proven to do anything weight loss related
  • Vitamin A is pointless in a fat burner supplement
  • Missing core ingredients
  • Steep price for what it offers – $35 for a one-month supply


Vidaslim is a product that has been enjoying a lot of hype online. It is a natural fat burner pill that claims a lot, but in our opinion, it underdelivers.

Not only does Vidaslim lack many of the essential ingredients that the best fat burner supplements use, its existing ingredients are for the most part ineffective at doing what the manufacturer claims. Tecojote Root is not shown in scientific literature to affect weight loss in any way. The only part of the Tecojote tree that might have some benefits is the fruit, which helps with cough and respiratory issues.

Pectin is the only ingredient in Vidaslim that has a slight effect on weight loss, thanks to its appetite-curbing effects. For the price, though, you can easily find better weight loss pills on the market today.

What do we recommend?

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What is Vidaslim?

Vidaslim is an all-natural weight loss pill, produced by an American company of the same name.

At first look, Vidaslim looks like your typical fat burner supplement. You know – the claims, the marketing material, and even some ingredients that it contains. So, what makes it different?

According to Vidaslim, these pills have one key advantage over their competitors: Root of Tejocote. What is Root of Tejocote?

It is the key ingredient in Vidaslim that is said to maximize weight loss and get you results faster.

Because of this ingredient, Vidaslim is claimed to pack a punch and help you achieve a consistent and noticeable fat burning effect.

Sounds good – but this is what all weight loss supplements promise.

Is Vidaslim really “the one” pill that really works?

Below, our team will dissect its formula to find out.

How to Use Vidaslim

The dosage for Vidaslim is 1 capsule daily after your first meal with a big glass of water.

Vidaslim: The Ingredients

Here is a look at the Vidaslim ingredient label:

In case that image doesn’t load properly for you, these are the ingredients in Vidaslim:

  • Tejocote Root – approx 50% of the pill content
  • Vitamin A – 20% of the pill content
  • Pectin – 30% of the pill content

That’s it.

Vidaslim contains only 3 active ingredients.

Vitamin A and pectin are very familiar to us – the latter is sometimes used in fat burner supplements due to its ability to help curb food cravings. Vitamin A, on the other hand, doesn’t have much use in weight loss pills, but it is generally healthy for our immunity and vision, which is a nice bonus.

That leaves us with Tejocote Root. What does this “secret” weapon of Vidaslim do? How does it work? Does it work? We will now go over each ingredient in Vidaslim in more detail to explain what the science says on their potential benefits.

Tejocote Root

Tejocote, or Mexican Hawthorn, is a tree native to Central America but mostly growing in Mexico (hence the name).

  • The fruits of this tree – not the root – have long been used in Mexican traditional medicine to relieve various conditions, especially for promoting urination and relieving respiratory infections such as chronic cough.

That said, the use of Tejocote root taken in capsules has only recently been touted as a weight-loss compound. The root used for weight loss doesn’t really appear in most of the research about Mexican medicinal plants.

Right now, only one paper mentions the use of root of the tree as a treatment for weight loss – but taken as a tea, and not in capsules, and in combination with other weight loss plants.

Based on the current data, then, we can’t say we’re overly impressed with Tejocote Root. It is an underresearched ingredient at best. All the talk on the internet about this substance has been massively overhyped by the supplement companies that manufacture it.

Vidaslim doesn’t even show us its exact dosage in the supplement.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that is required for human development and good health. It can be found in many foods but is also available in supplements.

There are a lot of benefits to taking vitamin A supplements such as boosting the immune system, preventing cancer, and reducing the risk of heart disease. That said, there are far better weight loss ingredients that could’ve been put in its stead here (more on that below).


Pectin is a type of soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables. It is used to make jams and jellies, as well as to make pectin gel for use in some medicines.

  • Pectin can lower cholesterol levels;
  • Pectin can help you lose weight by lowering blood sugar and curbing hunger;
  • Pectin can promote feelings of fullness

A good ingredient choice by Vidaslim, all in all!

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Aside from pectin, there is nothing in Vidaslim that made us believe it would be effective enough to help you with weight loss in any sort of way.

Pectin alone can’t do all the heavy lifting. Sure, it is a dietary fiber that can help suppress appetite, but you already eat that from food if you eat fruits and vegetables. This, obviously, isn’t enough to lead to substantial results.

Vidaslim is missing many core ingredients that the best weight loss supplements use, such as cayenne pepper extract, chromium, vitamin D, and green tea extract to name a few.

All things considered, we do not think that Vidaslim’s formula is potent enough to produce a noticeable degree of weight loss. It may help if you take it consistently for a long time, but there are certainly better options on the market available if you do a little research.

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Customer Reviews

Vidaslim reviews are a mixed bag. Since the supplement doesn’t officially sell on Amazon, independent “testimonials” from other people are scarce and difficult to judge.

Other reviewers have, just like us, criticized Vidaslim for the lack of better ingredients. While some said it worked well for them and helped them with their weight loss goals.

In our opinion, when it comes to any supplement, it is best to do your own research on the ingredients and see what the science has to say. This is the best method of knowing how the product will work for you. While relying on other people’s testimonials can be helpful in getting the general idea about the product (e.g. whether it is a scam or a legit supplement), it doesn’t really give you the full picture on its effectiveness, as other reviews can easily be faked.

Does Vidaslim Have Side Effects?

The chance of getting side effects from Vidaslim are fairly low. The product has no stimulants so there should be no risk of jitters or anxiety.

The only potential side effect of Vidaslim is that it can make you poop – aka, give you diarrhea. But this only happens in people who are sensitive to fiber – particularly, pectin that is in Vidaslim.

Some people also ask if Vidaslim affects fertility. There is currently no data that shows any of the ingredients in Vidaslim affect fertility. If you have any specific concerns about this, make sure to check with your doctor before taking Vidaslim.

Vidaslim vs Vidaslim Plus – Which is Better?

Vidaslim and Vidaslim Plus are both designed to help you lose weight. However, Vidaslim Plus is claimed to be even stronger and more effective in getting you results.

Is this true?

To find out, let’s first look at the ingredient label of Vidaslim Plus:

The ingredient formula of Vidaslim Plus looks awfully similar to Vidaslim. In fact, it is virtually the same ingredient profile – just with some more vitamins added to the mix. The core gist of the formula stays the same – revolving around the “key” ingredient Tejocote Root. Which, as we’ve seen, is far from an effective fat burning or appetite suppressing agent.

Therefore, Vidaslim Plus is not worth the investment. If you want to get the benefits of the basic vitamins that Vidaslim Plus has that Vidaslim doesn’t, it just better to take a quality multivitamin.

Vidaslim vs Alipotec

Another popular comparison people search for on the internet is Vidaslim vs Alipotec.

Vidaslim and Alipotec are both marketed as weight loss supplements. Both contain the key active ingredient Tecojote Root, which is said to curb appetite and promote fat burning in the body. The main difference between Vidaslim and Alipotec is that Vidaslim uses a few extra vitamins and nutrients in addition to Tecojote Root. Alipotec, meanwhile, relies only on Tecojote Root to achieve its purported weight loss effects.

The truth is, neither Vidaslim nor Alipotec look like good weight loss supplements to us.

As we’ve seen in the article above, there is no scientific ground on the manufacturer’s claims revolving Tecojore Root. This substance has not been proven to do anything for weight loss, at all. Any benefits of the Tecojore tree come from its fruits, not roots, according to the current studies and literature.

With a little research, you can easily find better weight loss products on the market that also cost less than Alipotec and Vidaslim.

Vidaslim Review Summary

That concludes our Vidaslim review. It is a product that promises a lot, but unfortunately, it underdelivers.

The usage of Tecojote root as its main ingredient has proven to be its main downside – since this ingredient is not proven to do anything!

Lack of cayenne pepper extract, glucomannan, and green tea extract among others means Vidaslim’s formula is extremely slim and lacking “firepower”.

If you really want to have something that will have an impact on your weight loss, then why not check our current recommended alternatives instead:

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