Thermopro Burn Ultra Review: Better Than the Original?

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  1. Broad spectrum of ingredients for energy boosting and mental performance.
  2. The combination of caffeine+bitter orange+B vitamins works to enhance your metabolism.
  3. One of the most budget-friendly fat burners that actually brings some benefits (11.99GBP-26.99GBP depending on sales and discounts).


  1. Key ingredients like green tea and white kidney bean are underdosed
  2. Risk of side effects for those sensitive to stimulants
  3. Lack of genuine reviews as it’s a new supplement

Key Takeaway:

Thermopro Burn Ultra is a decent weight loss supplement. It should increase your energy levels and mental focus thanks to caffeine, l-tyrosine, and a few other well-studied ingredients. That said, is it a big upgrade to the original Thermopro Burn formula? Not at all—some ingredients are actually dosed even lower than in the already lightly dosed original product. Green tea, for example, comes at just 25mg per capsule, whereas the original Thermopro Burn has 50mg per capsule. Needless to say, we aren’t too impressed. Still, you can’t ask a lot at this price range. If you’re serious about getting results that stick, you may want to check some more effective options, albeit more expensive too.

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What is Thermopro Burn Ultra?

Thermopro Burn Ultra is a recently launched weight loss supplement designed to boost your energy and mental performance for successful fat burning experience. It’s the latest version in the Thermopro Burn range, created by Protein Works, a U.K. supplement specialist company.

Thermopro Burn Ultra combines extracts, amino acids, and vitamins to deliver increased metabolic benefits compared to its predecessor which had fewer weight loss ingredients.

Thermopro Burn Ultra is accessible in various countries, including the USA, UK, and Pakistan.

One of the main questions we’ll be answering today is: Is Thermopro Burn Ultra more effective than the original Thermopro Burn at doing its job; aka, burning fat and helping you feel more energetic?

How to Use Thermopro Burn Ultra

The dosage is between 1-4 capsules per day, depending if you’re a beginner or experienced with stimulants. Always start with the lower dose to gauge your reaction. Also, keep in mind that taking 4 capsules per day will quickly empty your bottle!

Thermopro Burn Ultra: The Ingredients

Here’s a closer look at what’s behind Thermopro Burn Ultra’s “hood”:

  1. Vitamin B5 (1.5mg): Vital nutrient for health, but like most B vitamins, fat loss effects aren’t notable.
  2. Vitamin B6 (0.35mg): It aids our metabolism and brain function.
  3. Biotin (12.5ug): Important for healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  4. Vitamin B12 (0.625ug): Crucial for red blood cell production, energy, and nerve function.
  5. Zinc (2.5mg): Supports a myriad of bodily function including your immunity and hormones.
  6. L Tyrosine (250mg): An amino acid that supports mental focus. Best when taken with l-tryptophan.
  7. Caffeine (117mg): We all know its energizing effects, but also sometimes those ugly jitters.
  8. Bitter Orange Peel (100mg): It’s another stimulant in Thermopro Burn Ultra that can be too harsh.
  9. N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine (50mg) and L Carnitine L Tartrate (50mg): These related compounds are believed to aid in fat burning, but their doses are far too low here.
  10. Inositol (25mg): It aids mental function and metabolic processes, but effects aren’t glamurous.
  11. Garcinia Cambogia (25mg): Benefits of Garcinia are debatable, and there’s a risk of side effects.
  12. Green Tea Extract (25mg): Comically low dosage. We need at least 150mg per serving.
  13. Choline Bitartrate (12.5mg): Involved in liver function and metabolism, but again, too low of a dose.
  14. L Methionine (12.5mg): An essential amino acid that is not noteworthy in the context of weight loss.
  15. White Tea Extract (6.25mg), Black Tea Extract (6.25mg), and L-Phenylalanine (6.25mg): These have various health benefits but are, again, dosed so low we doubt they have any bioactivity.
  16. White Kidney Bean Extract (2.5mg): Claimed to aid in weight loss, but effectiveness at this dose is pretty much equal to zero.
  17. Cayenne Pepper (1.25mg): Yet another well-studied ingredient that is underdosed.
  18. Black Pepper Extract (1.25mg): Helps your body absorb other ingredients more efficiently.
  19. Chromium Picolinate (40ug): Aids in carb and fat metabolism, along with benefiting blood sugar.

You’ll notice that Thermopro Burn Ultra’s ingredient list is long and diverse. But at the same time, some key ingredients are underdosed compared to the dosages used in scientific studies. Case in point are green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and white kidney bean which are known for their potential fat loss benefits, but at their doses in Thermopro Burn Ultra, they are most likely ineffective.

As a whole, the formula has a “more is better” approach by having a wide range of ingredients but at lower doses. For us, this is worse than having fewer ingredients at optimal doses. Even the Thermopro Burn original contained 50mg of green tea extract per capsule, whereas the Thermopro Burn Ultra, which is supposed to be the “upgrade” to the original, only contains 25mg per capsule.

The caffeine kick might give off an illusion that the supplement works. But the overall effectiveness is mediocre at best.

Our Thoughts on The Ingredient Profile

If you can get it for a discounted price (11.99GBP per bottle of 60 capsules), Thermopro Burn Ultra is a solid pick. Pairing it with a calorie-controlled diet, weekly HIIT exercises, and healthy sleep routine should give you visible weight loss results in the long run.

With that said, we would like to see additional ingredients like glucomannan added, which is a type of fiber that could help with appetite suppression. Capsule space for this could be freed up by removing some ineffective ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Thermopro Burn Ultra is relatively new on the market, so independent reviews are difficult to come by at this point. Please check our review again in the near future as we aim to update this section with customer testimonials as they start to pop up.

Does Thermopro Burn Ultra Have Side Effects?

Thermopro Burn Ultra shouldn’t cause major side effects to most people if you start with just a single capsule. That said, if you’re sensitive to caffeine and stimulants in general, Thermopro Burn Ultra may not be for you as it contains a potentially risky combo of caffeine+Bitter Orange which is sometimes known to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

Thermopro Burn Ultra Review Summary

Thermopro Burn Ultra is a decent supplement by the Protein Works which should enhance your mental performance and energy levels, helping you to burn more fat as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

With that said, the fat burning ingredients themselves are not up to par with market-leading weight loss supplements. Not that we expected that to be the case with a 11.99GBP fat burner anyway. For this price, it’s as good as it gets!

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