OUR REVIEW: Sculpt Nation Burn Fat Burner – Does it Work?

Sculpt Nation Burn Fat Burner Review

Welcome to our Sculpt Nation Burn Review, a thermogenic fat burner supplement available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and pretty much every other country in the world.

Priced at $49 per bottle ($67 when not on a discount), Sculpt Nation Burn says it will help you:

  • Torch more body fat
  • Have more energy
  • Increase the metabolic rate

How exactly it plans to do this, is it safe, and does it deliver good value for money, we answer all in the short summary that follows, after which you’ll see a more detailed analysis!

Sculpt Nation Burn Review At a Glance:

All things considered, Sculpt Nation Burn isn’t the best formula around. It has a few great ingredients – including green tea, cayenne pepper, and caffeine – but the rest of the formula doesn’t look good.

It contains Yohimbine and Rauwolscine, two stimulants that can be dangerous when taken on their own, let alone when paired with caffeine. There’s also no sight of Konjac Root, or some other appetite suppressant to help with sugar cravings.


  • Green tea is a great inclusion
  • Caffeine will give you an energy kick
  • Cayenne Pepper is one of the best thermogenic ingredients


  • Overpriced for what it offers
  • Lack of core ingredients – more so an appetite suppressant
  • Dangerous mixture of stimulants, including the banned Yohimbe

What is Sculpt Nation Burn?

Sculpt Nation Burn is marketed as a “natural fat burner supplement blend” that helps you:

  • Burn fat
  • Increase energy levels
  • Suppress your appetite

Since it’s a thermogenic supplement, it’s designed to make your metabolism more active, which ultimately leads to bigger caloric loss, and less weight on the scale. At least that’s what the producers promise it will do!

The idea behind thermogenic supplements is that they raise your core body temperature. As your body tries to cool itself down, it burns more calories which leads to faster fat loss.

But does it really work? Let’s check the ingredient formula below.

Sculpt Nation Burn: The Ingredients

Sculpt Nation Burn Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

To start off, Sculpt Nation Burn doesn’t have any calories, so there’s no nutrition facts list on the label.

In terms of ingredients, it’s a blend of herbal extracts, seeds, and a few concerning stimulants.

It’s quite an aggressive formula that only the most experienced fat burner users will like – those who can tolerate high amounts of stimulants.

See for yourself:

1. Epigallocatechin (Green Tea Leaf Extract) (300mg)

Epigallocatechin, or simply EGCG, is a powerful plant compound found in green tea leaves. As an antioxidant, it protects your cells from damage and premature aging. Sounds good, but what about fat loss?

As it turns out, EGCG stimulates your metabolism to work a bit harder, due to its thermogenic effects. It achieves these effects by triggering your instinctive ‘flight-or-fight’ response, putting you into a stressed state so you burn more calories.

This is a good ingredient overall – good job by Sculpt Nation.

2. Cayenne Fruit Extract (100mg)

Cayenne pepper, or chilli pepper, is another great thermogenic ingredient. It makes your body more efficient at utilizing fat for heat and energy production, which in turn makes you burn more calories overall.

It’s not a huge effect – you’ll maybe burn a few extra calories per hour – but it adds up for sure!

3. Caffeine (100mg)

Caffeine is pretty much everyone’s favorite drink. Unless you’re intolerant to it, 100mg of caffeine will give you an energy and mental boost. This is beneficial for working out and just generally seeing your daily goals through.

Another benefit of caffeine is that it triggers your body’s stress hormones, much like green tea extract. These include noradrenaline and adrenaline. Naturally, when you’re in a stressed state, your body and mind will be more alert – which will cost more energy to produce.

This is a good ingredient choice. Coupled with green tea in Sculpt Nation Burn, 100mg per serving is plenty and there’s no need for any extra stimulants to be added here, just to avoid negative side effects.

4. Grains of Paradise Seed Extract (30mg)

This is more of a disappointing choice. Grains of Paradise Seeds are suggested to help with weight loss, but the evidence on the ingredient is very thin.

We don’t think this is a great inclusion, it’s better to use a proven appetite suppressant in its place here. We haven’t seen a single strong appetite suppressant in Sculpt Nation Burn! Not great! Cravings can totally drain your willpower and ruin your dieting efforts.

5. Yohimbine Hydrochloride (6mg)

Why did Sculpt Nation Burn include the banned ingredient Yohimbine? We’re not sure.

It’s an aggressive stimulant that can lead to side effects such as heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure, which is why countries like Canada and the UK completely forbade it.

Pair it with caffeine and other stimulants in Sculpt Nation Burn, and you put yourself at even greater risk of unwanted side effects.

6. Rauwolscine (3mg)

Rauwolscine is yet another stimulant in Sculpt Nation Burn. Yet another one! It started out great for this fat burner, but adding so many aggressive ingredients completely ruined the formula for us.

Rauwolscine could be even worse than Yohimbine. It’s underresearched so we don’t know exactly what it does, and if it’s safe to take long-term. The few studies we do have on Rauwolscine show us that it could be even more aggressive in its effects. Not great!

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

The ingredients in Sculpt Nation Burn started out great. But the lower down the list you go, the worse they got.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a formula that does work. It has caffeine, green tea, and cayenne pepper, all of which are great for boosting energy and giving you that slight fat burning edge.

But it’s too aggressive due to having Yohimbine and other concerning ingredients added. It’s also missing an appetite suppressant (e.g. Glucomannan) and a few other core ingredients that would make the formula much safer, and more effective.

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How to Take Sculpt Nation Burn

Sculpt Nation Burn dosage directions are 2 capsules with your meal, once per day.

It’s not an ideal way to take a fat burner, due to the fact that you’ll be having lots of downtime between the doses. ‘Downtime’ meaning, the effects will wear off.

You should aim to take a fat burner that has 3 or 4 daily servings. For the simple reason that it keeps the beneficial ingredients in your system for longer – thus maintaining its positive effects.

Does Sculpt Nation Burn Have Side Effects?

Yes, Sculpt Nation Burn comes with a risk of side effects. Combining stimulants such as yohimbine, Rauwolscine with caffeine can lead to:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Make sure you speak with your doctor if you have any concerns about Sculpt Nation Burn’s ingredients.

Sculpt Nation Burn Reviews – What Others Say

So, what do other customer’s reviews say about Sculpt Nation Burn? Well, there’s a lot of hype behind this fat burner so it can be hard to determine what’s legit and what’s BS.

There are some video ‘testimonials’ on Youtube, as well as written Sculpt Nation Burn testimonials on Reddit, but it doesn’t look overly convincing.

In our opinion, it’s best to rely on your own judgment – look at the scientific studies behind the product’s ingredients and see their results. This is a much better way to tell if a product works than by looking through user reviews that could easily be manipulated.

Before and After Results

Sculpt Nation Burn’s before and after photos, much like other user reviews, are questionable as you can’t really tell whether they’re paid ads or not.

If you want to know what kind of results you can expect from Sculpt Nation Burn, then it’s best to look at the label and see whether the ingredients are actually backed to work or not.

Where to Buy?

Sculpt Nation Burn can only be bought from the official website at the moment. Though a stolen product could be found on Amazon occasionally.

We recommend avoiding these like a plague as you don’t really know what you’re getting and how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. Buying directly from a manufacturer is a better idea as you’ll be getting the latest batch of the product from the source.

Sculpt Nation Burn price is between $49-69 for one-month supply of the product.

In terms of coupons, discount codes, and promo codes, Sculpt Nation Burn doesn’t offer any. That said, you can save money when buying in bulk.

Sculpt Nation Burn Review Summary

So that concludes our Sculpt Nation Burn review. It’s a disappointing product, considering how much potential it has.

It’s got three great ingredients – caffeine, cayenne pepper, and green tea extract – but the formula is tainted by the inclusion of extra stimulants – Yohimbine and Rauwolscine. This drastically raises the risk of side effects.

It’s also missing an appetite suppressant so you’ll still be feeling those annoying craving which could easily be prevented with better ingredient choices.

If you’re looking for a Sculpt Nation Burn alternative, we recommend checking our current best-reviewed fat burners by following the link below.

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