Hydroxycut vs Lipozene – Which is Better for Fat Loss?

Hydroxycut vs Lipozene - Which is Better? And can you take them together?

Here’s our recently updated Hydroxycut vs Lipozene comparison!

Both are highly popular fat burners that claim to help you:

  • Burn Fat
  • Reduce Appetite & Nagging Food Cravings
  • Make Dieteing a Mentally Easier Process

Sounds good, but this is what almost every fat burner out there claims!

Our team will analyze Hydroxycut and Lipozene’s ingredients, pricing, and other people’s reviews to help you determine which might be the right option for you.

Quick Summary: While neither Hydroxycut nor Lipozene makes it onto our top list, we rate Hydroxycut as the better choice. It has more ingredients compared to Lipozene (3 vs 1), it costs less, and it should give you more energy than its competitor. Lipozene only has 1 ingredient – Glucomannan – while excellent for appetite curbing, it is not enough on its own to actually burn fat. But again, while Hydroxycut is the winner, it is far from the perfect supplement. It only has caffeine, green coffee bean extract, and some B vitamins. While this is enough to increase your metabolism a little, there are better supplements on the market right now without question.

What do we recommend?

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Hydroxycut vs Lipozene: The Ingredients

Both Hydroxycut and Lipozene have fully transparent ingredient formulas.

You can see the dose of each ingredient on the label.

However, that’s where their similarities end. Whereas Hydroxycut has multiple ingredients, Lipozene only has one.

Both formulas have their drawbacks; mainly, they are both missing thermogenic ingredients that would speed up your metabolism.

Here’s a closer look at both fat burner’s ingredients;

Hydroxycut Ingredients

Hydroxycut’s ingredients include:

  • Coffee Robusta (Green Coffee Bean)
  • Caffeine Anyhdrous
  • B Vitamins

Along with a few other minor ingredients.

So, let’s see what each of these ingredients can (and can’t) do for you.

For starters, Coffee Robusta is the main star of Hydroxycut. The manufacturers refer to two studies that showed promising weight loss results from Coffee Robusta supplementation.

However, a large study review reported that these studies were poorly designed, and later studies weren’t able to replicate these results.

So, does this mean that Green Coffee Bean is a bad ingredient? Certainly not! It’s a solid ingredient for preventing weight gain, although it may not be the best for actually burning fat.

Green Coffee Bean works by reducing carbohydrate absorption in your body, which can help prevent insulin spikes, and by extension: fat accumulation.

As for other ingredients in Hydroxycut Black, caffeine will boost your focus and energy to stay on track with your dieting goals.

B Vitamins are decent too; although these won’t have much of an effect, supplementation can help prevent deficiency.

Lipozene Ingredients

The main ingredient, and the only ingredient in Lipozene is Konjac Root. Also known as Glucomannan. You get 1,500mg of it with each serving (2 caps).

So, what is Glucomannan, and more importantly, is it safe for weight loss?


Glucomannan is one of our highest rated ingredients in fat burners; not because it can burn fat (it can’t), but because it significantly decreases a person’s appetite.

The way Glucomannan works is by swelling in your stomach. Being a rich source of soluble fiber, Glucomannan absorbs a lot of water and slows down your digestion – keeping you full for longer.

Another benefit of this is that you’ll have fewer food cravings throughout the day.

So yes, Lipozene has done a great job including this ingredient. But since there are no more ingredients in Lipozene, it means it’s completely ineffective at actually burning fat.

In other words, all Lipozene can do is help prevent you from gaining more weight. Glucomannan alone is not powerful enough to do anything else.

Serving Sizes

To start with, take 1 capsule of Hydroxycut, two times per day. Once you’ve assessed your tolerance, you can safely take up to 2 capsules, twice per day for maximum effects.

As for Lipozene, the recommended dose is also 2 capsules, but only once per day.

Neither one has got an ideal serving schedule. Taking a fat burner 3 or 4 times per day is the best way to reap continual benefit of its ingredients. Lipozene fares even worse than Hydroxycut in this regard as its only got 1 daily serving – meaning the appetite suppression effects won’t be maintained throughout the entire day.

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Side Effects – Which Fat Burner is Safer?

Lipozene should be a bit safer since it’s completely stimulant free. Being the only ingredient in Lipozene, Glucomannan has been shown in studies to be very safe – the only known side effect is bloating (rarely happens, though).

Hydroxycut contains caffeine, so if you’re caffeine intolerant, it isn’t for you. But apart from that, there’s no issue with this fat burner whatsoever. B vitamins are naturally found in our diet, the green coffee bean is very safe and well-tolerated, and caffeine normally doesn’t cause issues when taken in normal doses by healthy people. The only issue might be bloating from the green coffee bean, but only in rare cases.


The prices of Hydroxycut and Lipozene vary drastically.

On the official website, Hydroxycut costs $20 per bottle. Keep in mind that each bottle will last you only 18 days if you take the recommended dose.

Lipozene costs around $30 on Amazon and other 3rd party sites, but as we said, you should do a bit of a bargain hunting as prices can vary drastically.

P.S. Lipozene will last you 30 days as it has 60 capsules per bottle, and you’re meant to take 2 per day.

Hydroxycut vs Lipozene Conclusion

So that concludes our Lipozene vs Hydroxycut comparison.

So, which fat burner is better?

In our eyes, Hydroxycut has a slight edge over its competitor, but it’s not without its flaws.

Hydroxycut has an incomplete formula, much like Lipozene. It’s missing several core ingredients like cayenne seed extract, a better appetite suppressant, and green tea extract for thermogenesis.

On the other hand, while Lipozene has an excellent appetite suppressant, that’s the only ingredient it has. As a result, while it’s ineffective at burning fat, Lipozene may help prevent you from gaining more.

You may wonder, should you then take Hydroxycut and Lipozene together? The answer is; you could. The appetite suppression effects of Lipozene will certainly add to the fat-burning potential of caffeine in Hydroxycut.

But for the combined price of both products, you can get far better results. If you do more research, you can easily fat burners that have complete formulas with ingredients proven to boost metabolism, fat breakdown and appetite reduction – and with 3 or 4 daily servings to maintain the effects!

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