XLS Medical Forte 5 Review: Does This Okranol Diet Pill Work?

XLS Medical Forte 5 Review - Does This "Ultra Effective" Fat Burner Really Work?

Welcome to our XLS Medical Forte 5 review! Available in the UK and on Amazon, this interesting diet pill is claimed to:

  • Help you lose 5x times more weight than with diet alone
  • Suppress your appetite & food cravings
  • Reduce hip and waist circumference
  • Directly boost fat metabolism & breakdown
  • Offer first visible results within the 1st month

With one bottle (84 capsules) costing £45 – £60, it lasts only 2 weeks if you take the recommended 6 capsules per day.

That’s not ideal. I assume you’ll want your fat burner to last at least a month. Two weeks aren’t enough to notice a difference in weight loss, no matter how strong the fat burner is. Of course, there’s always the option to buy multiple bottles, but that will increase your costs dramatically!

So if you want XLS Medical Forte to last you a whole month, you’ll need to pay between 90-120 British Pounds, which makes it more expensive than even some of our top rated fat burners at the moment. But is it better than them?

We check the ingredients, dosage, potential side effects and more to find out!

How to Take XLS Medical Forte

There are two ways to take XLS Medical Forte, depending on your goals and lifestyle.

  1. The first way is to take two capsules three times per day immediately after your main meals. This is the recommended dosage for stopping weight gain.
  2. For maintaining your current weight, the manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule, three times per day after your main meals.

In case you skipped your meals, the manufacturers say you should still take the capsules – but don’t exceed 6 capsules per day.

They also note you should drink plenty of water during the day. And, after 4 weeks of using XLS Medical Forte, they recommend pausing supplementation for 3-5 days.

XLS Medical Forte: The Ingredients

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is a single-ingredient formula (not counting the fillers and inactive ingredients). The only active ingredient is Okranol, a proprietary blend. Since it’s a proprietary blend, it means we can’t tell how much of the ingredient a capsule contains.

One good thing about XLS Medical Forte, though, is that it’s vegan-friendly and free of harmful additives or chemicals.

Okay, so what exactly is Okranol? Can it help you lose weight? We investigate below.

Okranol – What is it?

As you’ll notice from the label, Okranol™ is a patented blend. More specifically, it’s a fiber complex that’s reported to bind to fats from your food. This forms a fibre-fat complex that’s too hard for your body to digest and absorb.

In other words, Okranol is marketed to help you poop some of the fat from your food instead of absorbing its calories. This is suggested to help reduce body weight and prevent new fat gain.

Sounds good, right? But does it actually do what it’s claimed to do? To find that out, we’ll have to see what Okranol really is.

It’s a dehydrated powder sourced from okra pods. Okranol also contains chicory fiber called inulin.

Okra (or Lady’s Finger) is a vegetable used in some cuisines. You can eat it raw or cooked. You’ve probably heard about okra seeds being taken from okra pods and then commonly used for thickening stews and soups.

Okra may be able to do the same in your body. Swelling in your stomach and ‘thickening’ its content which makes you feel fuller.

However, this is not the main benefit that the manufacturers claim XLS Medical Forte 5 has. But rather, it’s the ability of this fat burner to block dietary fats from being turned into calories in your body, which by extension can help you stop weight gain.

Does Okranol Really Aid Weight Loss?

However, current scientific evidence doesn’t support the use of Okra as a fat binder.

So, right off the bat, the purported fat-blocking benefits of XLS Medical Forte 5 go out of the window.

But what about inulin from the chicory root we mentioned? Can this aid weight loss? Well, not really!

Inulin is a natural fiber, which means your body can’t digest it. Instead, this fiber gets passed down your colon where it’s used as food for your friendly bacteria. This makes inulin a great gut health ingredient. And as you probably know, having a healthy gut is a good first step towards having a healthy body and mind overall.

But in terms of fat burning or blocking fat gain specifically, inulin can’t do much!

The only evidence that supports the use of Okranol (the blend) as a fat blocker comes from one single trial. In this randomized double-blind study, people who took Okranol lost 5 times more weight than those who took a placebo. Both groups ate a clean diet during the study.

So, this is why the manufacturers say XLS Medical Forte 5 can help you lose “5x more weight than with diet alone”.

But obviously, one study alone with a tiny sample size of 12 people simply doesn’t cut it. We’ll need more robust evidence before saying Okranol is a good ingredient for fat loss!

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Again, you should be aware there’s only 1 study on the weight loss effects of ingredients in XLS-Medical Ultra 5. This is not enough for us to recommend this diet pill to anyone.

PLUS, it uses a proprietary blend which hides dosage facts from its customers and shows lacks of transparency from the manufacturer!

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Does XLS Medical Forte Have Side Effects?

Although it’s a fairly ineffective product, XLS Medical Forte shouldn’t have any side effects. It’s one of the safer fat burners we’ve reviewed.

Its only ingredient is fiber, which is naturally found in some foods. In the worst case scenario, it can make you bloated.

XLS Medical Forte 5 Review Summary

The three biggest issues with XLS Medical Forte 5 are:

  1. Extremely high price (higher than even the best-rated fat burners)
  2. Uses only 1 ingredient
  3. The ingredient itself lacks strong clinical evidence to support its use for fat loss

So, is XLS Medical Forte 5 good value for money? We’ll let you be the judge!

If you ask us? We’d do more research before going with it.

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  1. Thx for the research. I’m not too sure what QC staff says in the above post is accurate however: a fat blocker doesn’t necessarily need to have other properties like appetite suppression, thermogenic, etc.I just bought a one-month-long supply, which I intend to use on a punctual basis; not 3x a day as the notice says but a few times a week after fat-rich meals. I’ll let you know if I notice anything positive. However, the online reviews on various sites are positive.

    • Bzoo,

      You’re correct – a fat blocker doesn’t necessarily need to have other effects like thermogenic, appetite suppression, and so on. However, having these ingredients in a supplement does make it more effective for weight loss. That’s why the very best fat burners use multiple ingredients in the first place.

      There are just a couple of studies on Okranol and weight loss, and the evidence is not robust at all. There are definitely more researched and more effective ingredients out there. Even if Okranol worked as well as marketed, one ingredient alone can’t compare to a formula with multiple studied weight loss aids.

      That said, we hope that XL Medical Forte 5 works for you and that you’re happy with the money invested.

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