Ketogeniks Keto Review – Does This Supplement Really Work?

Ketogeniks Keto Review - Does This Fat Burner Supplement Work?

Here’s our Ketogeniks Keto review – now updated for 2023. In this review, we’ll see if Ketogeniks Keto diet supplement can help you enter the state of ‘ketosis’, as well as improve your metabolic rate and boost your energy levels among other claims they make.

Ketogeniks Keto pills are supposed to help your body burn more fat as fuel, instead of glucose which comes from carbs.

Sounds good, but does Ketogeniks really work? Many ‘keto pills’ have come out since the diet surged to popularity in 2018, and many of them claim groundbreaking benefits that aren’t actually grounded in science. Is this product one of them?

Follow along as we uncover all the key facts you need to know in our complete Ketogeniks Keto pills review!

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Ketogeniks Keto Review At a Glance

Looking for a short Ketogeniks Keto review summary? We genuinely tried our best to find one positive thing about this supplement, but there’s hardly any.

It’s one of the worst products we’ve reviewed here. Having only one ingredient, one that doesn’t even work unless you’re following a strict ketogenic diet.

It’s much cheaper to just buy a high-quality coconut or MCT oil if your goal is to enter ketosis.

As for Ketogeniks Keto, it’s best to leave it on the shelf.


  • Might offer some benefits to people who’re already in ketosis


  • Misleading marketing claims
  • BHB Ketones don’t put you into ketosis
  • Doesn’t preserve muscle tissue on a calorie deficit
  • Expensive for just one ingredient
  • Missing an appetite suppressant, a thermogenic, and other essentials

A Little About the Keto Diet

Your body has the ability to tap into its fat stores and use them for energy. However, one thing that’s ‘preventing’ it from doing so is carbohydrates. When you’re eating a diet that has plenty of carbs, your body will prefer to use glucose for fuel instead of fat.

However, when you restrict your carb intake to below a certain threshold (different for each person), your body will start turning to fat – converting them into so-called ‘ketones’ for energy.

Ketosis is not easy to enter, nor maintain. Many people give up after just a few days, some last a few weeks. This is where Ketogeniks Keto comes in, in the words of their manufacturers.

How Does Ketogeniks Keto Work?

Ketogeniks Keto is claimed to help push your body into ketosis and keep you there. This way, you’ll be burning extra calories while you do your daily chores.

Ketogeniks Keto also says that its ingredients will give you energy, which will help you better control your cravings, eat less, and stay more active.

Sounds like a dream supplement, right? Well, that’s because it is! There’s no supplement that can magically “push” you into ketosis. If you want to enter that state, then you’ll have to do it the hard way via your diet, and the help of a supplement that’s been proven to work.

The good news is, you don’t need to enter ketosis to burn fat and lose weight. You can do it by following a balanced lifestyle and taking a proven fat burner pill. Regardless if you’re looking for a male version or a female version.

Ketogeniks Keto: The Ingredients

Okay, so we’ve established that Ketogeniks Keto’s claims are a little crazy. But what’s inside of it?

Not much – there’s just one ingredient in Ketogeniks Keto formula. Although all natural, it’s quite disappointing.

A fat burner needs to have a combination of multiple ingredients, such as appetite suppressants and thermogenics, to ensure it ‘hits’ your fat stores from multiple angles.

Ketogeniks Keto only has ‘BHB ketones,’ the ingredient which most of its benefits are reportedly based upon. So, what are BHB ketones?

Do BHB Ketones Really Boost Fat Burning?

BHB ketones are ketone bodies, similar to the ones your body makes when it is in ketosis.

The idea behind Ketogeniks Keto is to provide your body with exogenous ketones to ‘stimulate’ it to enter ketosis.

But of course, that’s not how it works. If entering ketosis was that easy, then most people would enjoy the benefits of this state without putting much effort.

Science hasn’t shown that BHB ketones can do much for your weight loss. It’s ineffective, just like most other keto pills. In the words of

“I don’t think we even need a drumroll here… Based on my background research into ketone-supplement companies, the survey of Diet Doctor users and the experiment itself, we cannot recommend taking these supplements. I can personally think of many more beneficial ways to invest money in my health, such as buying grass-fed meat and organic vegetables, or even buying a bicycle and riding it outside in the sunshine.”

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Profile

Ketogeniks Keto is a one-ingredient formula. Even if it was an ingredient that works, it would be silly to think that one natural ingredient alone can lower the numbers on the scale.

In that sense, it’s missing ingredients that we so often see in other fat burners, including:

  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – thermogenesis, stim-free energy
  • Green Tea Extract – mood and focus, metabolism
  • Glucomannan (Konjac Root) – appetite control, sugar cravings

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How to Take Ketogeniks Keto

Ketogeniks Keto comes in bottles of 60 pills. The dosage directions are to take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water.

This is another area where Ketogeniks Keto slacks. Just one serving per day means you’ll have lots of downtime between the doses, and the effects won’t last very long. For prolonged fat burning, look for a product with 3 or 4 daily servings.

Does Ketogeniks Keto Have Side Effects?

Is Ketogeniks Keto a safe supplement? Yes, it should be safe for most people to take. Even though it’s ineffective, BHB Ketones haven’t been shown to cause serious side effects, and can actually have some general health benefits (if you’re already in ketosis).

How Much Does Ketogeniks Cost?

You can buy Ketogeniks Keto on Amazon for about $40. The official website, which looks like a total scam by the way, doesn’t disclose the price until you input your address, email and other personal information. Yikes!

Where to Buy Ketogeniks Keto Pills?

As we said, Ketogeniks Keto can be bought on different websites, including its official website and 3rd party sites like Amazon. It’s not available in Walmart or other physical stores the last time we checked.

Ketogeniks Keto is often mistaken for other products that have been featured in shows like Dr. Oz and Shark Tank. Ketogeniks Keto isn’t that product.

Ketogeniks Keto Review Summary

Ketogeniks Keto is a diet supplement that is aimed at helping you enter ketosis – and stay in it.

But since it only has one ingredient – BHB Ketones – it doesn’t live up to its claims. It doesn’t do anything really, unless you’re in strict ketosis.

There’s also the issue with the fact that we know absolutely nothing about its manufacturers. We couldn’t find anything on them online, which just makes this shady product that much shadier.

It looks like a scam to us.

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